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The Main Reasons To Automate The Documentation Process For Workflow & Processes

It goes without saying that documents are an incredibly important part of every organization. Documents not only hold people and processes accountable; they also go a long way in assisting the ongoing activities of the organization. Although manual document management programs have proven to be useful in the past, we are now in the digital […]

Scanning & Archiving Business Documents is Important

Did you know that scanning and archiving your business documents is an important aspect to growing your business? In fact, when your business grows there is far more information coming in and out of your office. That means there is more information to track: the best way to collect, evaluate, and analyze information is through […]

Now May Be The Time To Make Your HR/Employee Management Files Digital

Have you heard of the terms “cloud based administration process, “digital filing system”, or “office automation?” If you answered no, don’t worry, you are certainly not alone. However, the world as a whole and the business world specifically are moving away from paper based documents to an all-digital format. When it comes to their Human […]

Customer Relationship Management

Managing customer relationships effectively is critical to business relations. Recently, we have seen a larger emphasis on this specific type of management due to its ability to create positive returns on investment. It is important to also note that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Supplier Relationship Management are both equally important to manage when evaluating […]

The Importance of Electronic Signatures

signature électronique avec la parapheur Elise Flow

With the rise of COVID-19 in the previous months, and its extension to today, more organizations are trying to find ways to simplify their processes. Many have looked to electronic signature solutions to continue their legal flow of operation. With advancements in technology, electronic signatures authorize you to remove paper waste while simplifying compliance. By […]

Accounting for Automation

Since COVID-19 froze many common office practices, workers in the U.S. have discovered new ways to complete their projects remotely rather than seated at their usual desks. This new skyrocket in telecommunications has resulted in numerous changes, including a push to make accounts payables paperless.   Today, modern software can automate the most minute of tasks, from in-text […]

Citizen Relationship Management: Are Your Citizens Satisfied With Their City?

Gestionnaire RH

Now, perhaps more than ever, cities, municipalities, and governments are looking to improve citizen satisfaction. These entities need to find ways to improve alerts, notifications, and the sharing of information. Throughout the duration of COVID, we have seen various local organizations struggling to inform and update their citizens at no fault of their own. The […]

Document Digitization: The Way of the Future

As time passes, many business’s feel the pressure to join the digital revolution. Some are more hesitant than others, finding discomfort in changing processes. However most, if not all companies see the overwhelming value in document digitization and are opting out of spending countless hours sifting through paper records! Various types of content management have […]

Understanding Data Security

Mise en conformité réglementaire & Sécurisation des échanges et des données

When it comes to data security, it is imperative for companies to be proactive rather than reactive. Unfortunately, there is a reality that data breaches are becoming more frequent and difficult for businesses to manage. Almost half of America’s business’ come face to face with more than fifty thousand dollars’ worth of damage to recover […]

Keeping up with Compliance

Regulatory statutes are constantly changing. Professionals must practice adversity throughout these adjustment periods, finding ways to secure their data and information, following legal guidelines and mandates. Automated processes make staying up to date with current trends and governance easy to stay relevant, increase returns, and optimize business processes. With illico, NeoLedge’s smart city solution, various […]

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