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The Importance of Records Management in 2022 and Beyond

Far too many businesses, organizations, and local governments either underestimate the importance of records management, or view this process as a matter of convenience rather than necessity. However, records management programs are vital for any office with ongoing recordkeeping, as they offer a number of advantages that are directly linked to productivity and cost savings. […]

What Impact Does a User-Friendly Content Interface Have on Local Government?

Did you know that a user-friendly content interface is directly related to user experience when it comes to government applications? That means local governments with a good user interface have a significant advantage in an increasingly evolving content environment. The goal of any user-friendly content interface is to make the digital interaction as simple, fluid, […]

Solving the Issue of Content Chaos with a Document Management Solution

According to a recent forecast,  the amount of data created between 2020 and 2024 will outpace the amount of data created over the past 30 years. That’s certainly a cause for concern for organizations that fail to build a strategy that effectively manages this tremendous increase. In the new, hybrid working world that all of […]

How Municipalities Can Drive Local Economic Development Through Digital Transformation

In the current day and age characterized by rapid modernization, increased constituent expectations, shrinking budgets, and unpredictable outside disruptions, municipalities’ reliance on out-dated paper-based processes drains its scarce resources and limits its ability to fully serve constituents. The bottom line is that local governments should embrace digital transformation and go paperless by adopting a modern, […]

Document Management And Digitization Change The Game For Higher Education

Did you know that document management and digitization technology provides the higher education sector with a cost-effective, sustainable solution for institutions that support classroom education and remote learning? In essence, the software not only centralizes, but also secures documents for admissions, financial aid, student records, human resources, facilities management and more. Document management and digitization […]

How e-Government Can Benefit Your Community

If you work in local or national government you may not think about the fact that eGovernment can greatly benefit your community, your organization, and your job. So, what is e-Government exactly? By definition, e-Government is a term that is used to describe any government based system, process or function that utilizes digital information technology […]

How Aging Technology Can Hold Your Higher Education Institution Back

Is aging technology holding your higher education institution back? The answer is simple. If your software and hardware systems are old and or obsolete it’s costing you both time and money. For example, great deals of higher education institutions suffer from inefficient document management.   There are numerous problems that are associated with physically printed documents. […]

Solving Local Government Process Challenges with Automation

Local municipalities across the United States face the same operational process challenges. Often times these difficulties result from paper-based, manual workflows that are tedious, time-consuming, and tend to break down easily. However, the cities, towns, and local jurisdictions that perform the best are those that laid the technological foundation for a streamlined, efficient and disruption-resistant […]

Digital Culture Should Matter To Your Organization

Digital culture is a theory that describes how technology and the Internet are shaping the way that we interact as humans. It’s the way that we behave, think and communicate within society. Digital culture is the product of the endless persuasive technology that is all around us, and the result of disruptive technological innovation. It’s […]

Automation Can Help You Retain Employees During The Great Resignation Era

According to a recent study conducted by UiPath, 86% of business executives in the United States view automation as a solution against the mass departure of employees during the Great Resignation. Automation technology has been incorporated into just about every aspect of business. The good news is that it can be used to help companies […]

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