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How Your Team Can See Immediate Results By Joining The Digital Revolution


Did you know that if you have stacks of paper strewn around your place of business it is costing you a tremendous amount of time, work, and money? A recent study found that approximately 7.5% of paper based documents end up being lost? On top of that, another 3% of paper based documents are filed […]

What is ECM and Why Does it Matter?

ECM, formally known as enterprise content management, is a document management system that provides you with the ability to control your organizations information and flow of that information. ECM is important because it provides you with a great deal of benefits. For example, many businesses suffer from information overload regarding the management of bills, contracts, […]

Comparing Paperless And Paper-Based Accounting Processes 

When comparing paperless and paper-based accounting processes the best place to start is with your invoicing system. It is understood that electronic invoices are far superior to traditional paper invoices in a multitude of ways. Primarily, a paperless invoicing system vastly improves the speed and security of your entire invoice management process. Paperless invoices are also significantly less expensive […]

A Few Ways That a Document Management System Helps Keep Your Data Safe & Secure

Perhaps the most impressive things about the electronic information revolution is the fact that thousands upon thousands of pages of documents can be searched in mere seconds. In essence, you can use names, specific keywords, and other information to retrieve data at the press of a button or tap on the screen. That being stated, […]

Embrace Automation by Eliminating Manual Data Entry

Although document automation is currently taking over the world, there are a great deal of organizations that still employ the use of manual data entry. Companies in a wide variety of industries including banks, local governments, schools, and hospitals to name a few still rely on the tedious and old school process of having their […]

How the Medical Industry Can Benefit From Automation

Did you know that in addition to advances in medicine and medical equipment there is another technological advancement that is changing the medical industry as a whole? It’s called automation. In essence, automation provides far greater effectiveness and efficiency in healthcare. It also provides healthcare workers with the ability to utilize the most advanced strategies […]

The Cost of Digital Innovation in Local Government

Prior to the Covid pandemic, the private sector was already taking significant measures towards going digital. In fact, companies spent over $2 trillion (about $6,200 per person in the US) dollars in 2019 on digital transformation efforts alone. In addition, eighty-nine percent of all businesses across the country have either initiated a digital first strategy or are in the planning stages […]

How to Eliminate Paper in Your Accounting Department

Did you know that by simply reducing the amount of paper that your accounting department uses you could improve the efficiency of your entire organization? The bottom line is that digital documents are far easier to manage, process, search, and store. By eliminating paper in your accounting department your staff will spend more time working and less time shuffling […]

The Top Three Ways Document Management Reduces Costs

As you know, documents are an incredibly important piece of the business process, but if your organization is still utilizing a manual paper system it’s costing you a tremendous amount of wasted time and money. This is because the price of paper seems to increase daily in today’s economic climate. In addition, the cost to store all those paper documents is […]

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