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Universal Digitization Platform

With DocFactory, you offer a universal, modern platform to meet the new demands for electronic transactions in a paperless environment.

Multi-location Scanning

DocFactory is a server-based digitization solution, independent of the devices used for scanning. Your scanning points and peripherals can be located anywhere and feed a central document acquisition platform.

Numérisation multi-localisations avec DocFactory, logiciel de dématérialisation by NeoLedge


  • Scan from any scanner or multifunction device (MFD)
  • Choose from standard image formats: TIFF and TIFF multipage; PDF image or text; color, black and white, and grayscale images
  • Route documents via email or network sharing protocols (CIFS, FTP, SFTP, etc.)


  • You simplify and centralize the entire digitization process for all your employees, regardless of their location
  • You eliminate the restrictions of proprietary scanning software and break down information silos
  • You can manage multiple locations and document formats in one easy-to-use solution

Batch Scanning

Make mass digitization of documents efficient and easy with DocFactory’s batch identification and separation based on configurable rules.

Numérisation par lots avec DocFactory, logiciel de dématérialisation by NeoLedge


  • Define batch separation rules during mass scanning
  • Manage several document separator levels: folder, subfolder, thematic, etc.
  • Control system management for separator identification: barcode type, grammar, etc.


  • You can scan multi-level structured files, such as batches of invoices or mail, with ease
  • You get to define precise recognition and routing rules
  • You simplify mass scanning for your employees, saving valuable time

Barcode Reading

With the DocFactory document digitization solution, you ensure the accurate detection and identification of barcodes (1D or 2D) for uninterrupted business processes.

Numérisation avec lecture de codes-barres avec DocFactory, logiciel de dématérialisation by NeoLedge


  • Recognition of 20 types of 1D barcodes (Code 128, EAN13, Code 39, Codabar, UPC Version E, etc.)
  • Reading of 2D barcodes (Datamatrix, PDF417, QR-Code, micro QR-Code, etc.)
  • Reading of barcodes in all orientations from 0° to 360°


  • You ensure accurate interpretation of barcodes
  • You eliminate costly mistakes and disruptions due to poor barcode reading

Color Scanning

DocFactory incorporates hyper-compression technology for color-scanned documents to reduce document size by a factor of ten without altering visual quality.

Numérisation en couleur avec DocFactory, logiciel de dématérialisation by NeoLedge


  • Compress color documents to reduce file size while retaining original quality
  • Save on storage with a 10x reduction in size of scanned PDF documents
  • Quickly and efficiently scan and transmit color documents
  • Hyper compression available including PDF/A format


  • You can create high-quality color PDF documents
  • You make it easy for employees to read and create PDF documents from any application
  • You optimize storage and archiving space

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

DocFactory integrates a powerful, multilingual Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine so you can index and search PDF documents produced by DocFactory in full-text content.

Powerful Multilingual Optical Character Recognition (OCR)


  • Built on the Iris IDRS engine, one of the most accurate and powerful character recognition technologies on the market
  • Index documents, search them by content and edit them
  • OCR available for 137 languages, including Arabic


  • Your documents are visually faithful to the originals with the added benefit of text recognized by OCR technology
  • You improve the accuracy and quality of scanned documents
  • You can conduct international business with ease, scanning in multiple languages and locations

High-quality Electronic Documents

The image processing features within the DocFactory digitization solution include powerful tools for improving the quality and speed of which you can process scanned documents.

Amélioration des documents numérisés avec DocFactory, logiciel de dématérialisation by NeoLedge


  • Customize processes for each step
  • Automatic detection and removal of blank pages
  • Orientation detection will automatically straighten documents
  • Image enhancement: sharpness correction, contrast and brightness adjustment


  • You ensure everyone enjoys quality digitized documents
  • You simplify processes with customizable parameters
  • You improve the speed and accuracy of work


Numérisation de documents avec DocFactory, logiciel de dématérialisation by NeoLedge
Universal Digitization Platform

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