Take your content to the<br /> cloud with Elise ECM
Take your content to the
cloud with Elise ECM
Control content & Communications
Control content & Communications

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Accelerate Digital Transformation
Accelerate Digital Transformation

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Drive innovation

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Content is the driving force behind your business. When it comes to managing it, you need a solution in place that can meet the evolving demands of your industry. A leader in Enterprise Content Management, NeoLedge helps you simplify and organize your content lifecycle so you can focus on what matters most—your business.

Your Invoice Management Systems Should be Paperless
publié le November 17, par Aleksandra Apkarian

Did you know that a great deal of private sector businesses have already transitioned from a paper based invoice managment system to an all-electronic invoice management system? That means your direct competitors may very well be ahead of you when it comes to streamlining their invoicing processes and procedures, which in turns means they are […]

Implementing A Digital Mailroom Will Improve Your Bottom Line
publié le October 29, par Aleksandra Apkarian

Did you know that the mailroom is one of the most hectic departments in any organization? In essence, your mailroom is in a constant state of being overwhelmed with envelopes and packages arriving, and then being re-distributed to the proper parties or departments. This process is currently draining your resources on a daily basis. The […]

Electronic Invoicing Has A Great Deal Of Benefits
publié le October 27, par Aleksandra Apkarian

Did you know that an electronic invoice is digital throughout its entire lifecycle? That means the creation of the document, sending of the document, payment of the invoice, and all financial related aspects of the bookkeeping and accounting that take place are through a computer-based system from start to finish. That being stated, electronic invoicing […]

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