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Seamless Application Integration

As a true open document processing platform, DocFactory easily integrates with your existing business applications and breaks down information silos between systems.

Scan from Existing Software Application

DocFactory’s universal connector connects the innovative digitization solution to your business applications or ECM system, and feeds them documents directly from your scanning peripherals and devices.

Scan from Existing Software Application with DocFactory


  • Generic Web Service that transmits processed files and associated technical data (recognized bar codes, technical specifications, etc.)


  • You easily integrate digitization and document conversion processes into your applications 
  • You enable employees a more efficient way to capture and send documents to your ECM solution

Microsoft SharePoint Plug-In

DocFactory is the ideal complement to your Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure. Benefit from a high-performance digitization solution specifically configured to scan to SharePoint document libraries.

Intégration de Microsoft SharePoint avec DocFactory, solution de dématérialisation by NeoLedge


  • Index full-text content of PDF documents in SharePoint 
  • Route documents to SharePoint libraries based on barcode recognition 
  • Power several SharePoint servers from one DocFactory server 
  • SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013 compatibility


  • You get high-quality scanned documents in indexable PDF format in Microsoft SharePoint 
  • You can use SharePoint’s search engine on words contained in scanned documents 
  • You enhance SharePoint capabilities

"File System" Plug-In

The “File System” Plug-In provided with DocFactory allows you to build simple and efficient integrations of scanned or converted documents and their associated metadata.

Solutions d'intégration aux applications métiers avec DocFactory, solution de dématérialisation by NeoLedge


  • PDF format of processed files (scanning, transformation) 
  • XML document associated with each PDF containing detailed information on processing and any recognized barcodes


  • You can manage multiple local or remote output directories according to processing chains

Integration with Elise ECM

DocFactory is designed to complement any ECM solution, especially Elise ECM. DocFactory supports document acquisition and transformation chains upstream and downstream of all processes defined in your Elise ECM software.

Intégration de DocFactory avec l'ECM et GED Elise by NeoLedge


  • Use Elise’s Web Services APIs to provide an extremely high level of integration 
  • Capture documents from decentralized acquisition points 
  • Scan incoming documents with barcode separator or barcode label management 
  • Add files to an existing document file by scanning 
  • Add a new version of a file to a document file (scanning of the signed paper version) 
  • Automatic conversion of Office documents stored in Elise ECM to PDF format


  • You enjoy a fully integrated document digitization solution for Elise ECM, or any ECM software 
  • You can implement large-scale document and mail digitization strategies 
  • You ensure all ECM documents are standardized, current, accessible and high quality

Scalability and Development Kit

The DocFactory solution is an extensible platform and offers many services and entry points to application developers. The possible integration scenarios are only limited by your imagination.

Scalability and Development Kit included in DocFactory


  • History of all the treatments in a SQL table 
  • Supports “XML Job ticket” format for submitting document processing jobs 
  • Web Publishing Services to submit a file to be processed through a SOAP call 
  • Web Services for real-time supervision of platform operation and document processing status 
  • .net DocFactory SDK for the development of custom processing integrated into document processing chains


  • You can use your data to build statistical dashboards or audit systems 
  • You can easily monitor the performance of your DocFactory platform 
  • You are empowered to make the DocFactory platform fit your processing requirements


Numérisation de documents avec DocFactory, logiciel de dématérialisation by NeoLedge

How do you meet today’s digital expectations of customers, vendors and employees?

Reconnaissance de texte, LAD RAD et capture intelligente de données avec DocFactory, logiciel de dématérialisation by NeoLedge

How do you to feed your ECM system with quality electronic documents without complex gateways?

Conversion PDF, signature électronique et export de documents avec DocFactory, logiciel de dématérialisation by NeoLedge

How can you guarantee the authenticity and conformity of digitized documents?

Intégration aux applications métiers et système informatique interne avec DocFactory, logiciel de dématérialisation by NeoLedge
Seamless Application Integration

How do you enable efficient digitization and document processing functions from any business application?

Supervision, performances et évolutivité poussée de DocFactory, logiciel de dématérialisation by NeoLedge

How do you achieve digital transformation in less time?

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