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Lessen your civil security stakes through mass broadcast technology, in accordance with the regulations on alert and mobilization procedures , minimizing steps to protect the safety of people and goods in the event of a disaster. NeoLedge offers a single platform that allows for the notification of a large number of citizens quickly by various means of communication. 

With the ability to customize and personalize alerts, ensuring the safety and security of  your communities or organizations has never been so easy. Know that you are providing your people with cutting-edge technology that works to keep their best interest in mind.

Complete customization and access to the Web Portal  along with high availability infrastructures provides access to stakeholders anywhere and anytime. Comprehensive integration assistance and bilingual technical support is also available 24/7, providing backing and support whenever necessary.


Configure Targets for Alerting Mission Managers

Target configuration according to risk factors and specific areas, such as floods and natural disasters to increase response times, efficiency, and operational effectiveness. 

Automate Multi-mode Communications

Automation increases accuracy in reporting. By automating various processes, you can be sure that departmentalizing processes will be easier and more productive. Requests will instinctively be sent to the correct processor, developing higher levels of community satisfaction.

Implement Reliability

Our Community Notification Service (CNS) solution has a proven track record. Not only is it reliable, but it also makes it possible to communicate in a highly targeted way to the desired citizens. Notify communities through text, email, push notifications, and even social media! Assuring safety as the top priority.

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