Customer Relationship Management

Managing customer relationships effectively is critical to business relations. Recently, we have seen a larger emphasis on this specific type of management due to its ability to create positive returns on investment. It is important to also note that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Supplier Relationship Management are both equally important to manage when evaluating the effectiveness of your organization’s business decisions.

Customer relationship management is imperative to business success for many reasons. At its forefront, CRM helps your organization build strong relationships with your customers which in turn creates brand loyalty. Customer retention increases, while satisfaction boosts significantly alongside. As a result, with revenue climbing steadily and loyalty driving its action, profit flows. CRM creates this all by providing your team with the tools it needs to collect and organize customer data and communicate in a way that is both simple and effective.

To utilize CRM to its fullest, you must optimize your purchase and sales processes. Still, this is no easy feat. With an abundance of documents to sift through and stakeholders to appease, finding ways to implement CRM correctly can seem daunting. How can you manage all files? How can you guarantee compliance?

With NeoLedge’s Elise Solution, find the courage to answer these questions with confidence. Enjoy a 360-degree view of all your customer and supplier files while streamlining your processes simultaneously.




With NeoLedge’s customer and supplier relationship management solution, easily design and track sales processes. Equipped with flexible workflow systems, administer accessibility levels for each team member, keeping confidentiality and security a priority. Simplify case management, modifying each process to your organizational needs.




Elise ECM third party integration surpasses various other competitors. With the ability to integrate data across ERP and CRM systems as well as other business applications, centralize all information for streamlined organization. Search for information efficiently and effectively while having the capability to access all necessary files from one platform. Include GIS mapping, Social Media, and News avenues for your convenience.




Approving and validating documents is easier than ever before. With the Elise Flow electronic signature module, swiftly include an electronic signature or image of a handwritten signature on a single or batch of documents. Access this module on the go with your tablet, or from the comfort of your desk space and personal computer!




NeoLedge’s Elise platform boasts SmartLink technology, meaning that linked documents are automatically recognized and filed accordingly on your behalf creating a 360-degree view of customer and supplier history. Manage and streamline all supporting documents with Elise ECM and easily organize invoices, orders, complaints, and so on.


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