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How Introducing Workflow Automation In Urban Cities Can Improve The Quality Of Life

There’s no doubt that a digital based transformation is happening. As a matter of fact, it has a direct impact on all aspects of our lives. For example, the vast majority of us simply can’t live without our smartphones and other digital devices. Many organizations, both large and small, have adopted new technologies such as […]

How Electronic Invoicing Has Changed Accounting Departments Across the Globe

Digital transformation has taken over the higher education sector, government agencies, and the business world in most areas. However, accounting departments across all three segments are slow to adopt new technology. That means that both the accounts receivable department and accounts payable department could greatly benefit from automation. In essence, accounts receivable and accounts payable […]

Digital Solutions Provide Local Governments with A Better Way To Connect with Citizens

Local governments across the country and across the world have long relied on inefficient paper based processes and out of date single use server based technology to connect with citizens. However, these obsolete methods became an incredible liability when the Covid pandemic first reared its ugly head. A great deal of government employees simply didn’t […]

How to Always be Prepared for Company Audits

Not all organizations experience audits on a regular basis. However, those that do understand the trials and tribulations that typically goes hand in hand with an audit. Organizations that are publicly run, tax-exempt or contracted by the government face audits on the most frequent basis, yet every business has the potential to be audited by […]

The Top 5 Reasons Why The Medical Industry Should Join The Digital Revolution

People who are not in the medical industry wonder why everything from doctors visits to hospitalizations, to medicine are so expense. Although the answer to this question tends to be a bit long and complicated, the root of the issue is quite clear. Everything related to the medical industry is so expensive because the same […]

How Document Management Eliminates the Digital Skills Gap

Do you know what the digital skills gap is?  In essence, the digital skills gap can be defined as the disparity between jobs that require at least a basic understanding of technology in comparison to the number of qualified candidates who are actually available to fill these jobs. It’s certainly not a surprise that upskilling […]

Electronic Signatures and How They Can Help Scale Your Business

Digital transformation is a term that often comes up when people talk about the future of business. In essence, it refers to the integration of technology that can be easily incorporated into a wide host of useful functions for your entire organization. Electronic signatures are an incredibly important digital transformation tool because they can help […]

How Workflow Automation Can Help With Disaster Relief

Supervision, performances et évolutivité poussée de DocFactory, logiciel de dématérialisation by NeoLedge

Disaster relief, also known as emergency management, refers to the various aspects that are involved with both responding to catastrophic situations, and providing humanitarian aid to the people who are suffering from the disaster. The process not only involves dealing with a significant amount of risks, it also centers on preparing, supporting, and rebuilding communities […]

Is True Digitization Possible?

Is true digitization possible? The answer is a resounding yes. Did you know that there is a great deal of benefits to joining the digital revolution? In addition, the process is much easier than you may think. In essence, joining the digital revolution means integrating digital technology into all areas of your organization. Both the […]

Save Time And Money When You Leverage Process Efficiency Through Document Automation

Have you ever thought about what you could do with all of the time and money that you save by leveraging process efficiency through document automation? If not, it’s time that you start considering it. This is due to the fact that automating your document management process is a great opportunity to take your business […]

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