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Elise Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Does your company need to process, store and manage multiple documents, digital assets, and communications from different sources?

Elise ECM, by NeoLedge, is your single solution for integrated multi-channel content management, automated workflows, dynamic folder management and business process management.

How will Elise ECM transform your business?

Elise ECM is a fully integrated, mobile-ready, electronic enterprise content management and business process management solution ideal for companies of all sizes.

Designed to enable information governance and collaboration across multiple sources and channels, Elise ECM is easily tailored to your unique organization and document structure.

Built-in functions and workflows automate the capture, processing and management of any document or communication, from any source and on any device. It’s easy to use, quick to deploy and an affordable investment in your company’s future.

Elise by NeoLedge, logiciel GED et ECM


Gestion de tous les contenus d'entreprise avec Elise by NeoLedge, logiciel GED et ECM

How can you capture, process and manage all your company’s content in one solution?

Whatever the source or nature of your information, Elise can manage content from all your incoming and outgoing sources in one centralized platform.
Travail collaboratif pour briser les silos avec Elise by NeoLedge, logiciel GED et ECM

How can you boost collaboration across your company and beyond?

Elise is intuitive and easy to use, empowering employees to collaborate and communicate with anyone, at any time, on any device.
Gestion des processus : BPM, RPA et case management avec Elise by NeoLedge, logiciel GED et ECM

How can you optimize and automate your internal business processes?

Designed for agility, Elise ECM simplifies even the most complex processes so you can automate repetitive tasks and accelerate operations.
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How can you benefit from a solution that’s integrated, flexible and mobile?

From electronic signature to Outlook integration, you can easily adapt Elise to manage documents wherever your business takes you.
Capture multicanale des contenus et gestion des flux d'informations avec Elise by NeoLedge, logiciel GED et ECM

How can you use automation to save time, money and your customer relationships?

With Elise, you can capture and process information as soon as it arrives, automate responses and expedite your service delivery.
Sécurité et conformité aux normes avec Elise by NeoLedge, logiciel GED et ECM

How can you achieve maximum data protection, security and traceability?

Elise includes built-in security and controls for stress-free data protection and traceability. Set rules by organization hierarchy or nature of the information.
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