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Improved Collaboration and Teamwork

Elise is intuitive and easy to use, empowering employees to collaborate and communicate with anyone, at any time, on any device.

Organizational Chart Management

Elise adapts to the organization and structure of your company. You simply establish the hierarchy of your departments and let Elise do the rest.

Elise ECM Organizational Chart Management


  • Model your organizational structure by services, departments, users and user role management in services 
  • Synchronize your Human Resources Management Information System (HRMIS) or current management solution 
  • Manage absence


  • You capitalize on a key frame of reference: the organization of your company 
  • You encourage collaboration at all levels of the company to help team building 
  • You can easily adapt Elise to the evolution of your company and build great teams

Shared Workspaces

Involve all the company’s stakeholders in your processes through consolidated monitoring tools at each level of the organization. You give users autonomy while maintaining control.

Shared Workspaces to give users autonomy and improve collaboration


  • Design workspaces for each employee, department and/or service 
  • Define the context of team collaboration and supervision 
  • Access shared workspaces according to user rights


  • You empower each department or user to design their work tools and improve productivity and collaborative efforts 
  • You contextualize monitoring tools according to user rights and hierarchical position 
  • You decompartmentalize the follow-up of activities to help employees work as a team

Customized Dashboards for Improved Collaboration and Teamwork

Elise offers scalable collaboration tools with easy customization of your interface and dashboards so employees have efficient access to the information and tools related to their role.

Scalable Collaboration Tools with easy customization of your dashboards


  • Customize dashboards for each workspace 
  • Enable ready-to-use widgets for tracking tasks, processes and documents 
  • Create a document and trigger a process in one click (drag and drop) 
  • Use the “Activity” module to optimize information in context of the activity


  • You have the flexibility to create special dashboards according to the profile and needs of users 
  • Your decision makers can monitor activities at a glance to help improve team collaboration 
  • You give productivity tools to your employees adapted to their profession or available for their entire department or service


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