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Benefits for City Managers

Provide a collaborative and customized environment for your city with illico

Facilitate and monitor city administration

With illico, enhance the efficiency and value of your organization:

  • Give each municipal department its own customized workspaces, notifications and processes.
  • Tailor access rights in relation to the organization chart.
  • Monitor work spaces and activities of administrative services and employees.

Optimize resource management

With illico, you benefit from a single tool to manage resources:

  • Digitize all city processes and documents.
  • Offer your managers simplified management tools.
  • Easily schedule, delegate and monitor activities across departments and employees.

Collaborate in real time

With illico, ensure city officials can make the right decisions at the right time:

  • Connect all decision-makers and officials.
  • Provide 24/7 mobile access to information.
  • Streamline communications and collaboration.

Monitor and measure city progress

Gain a global view of your city with illico analytics and dashboards:

  • Enjoy city-wide visibility into projects and performance.
  • Customize reports for officials and citizens.
  • Get the right information at the right time.

Engage community businesses and citizens

Manage business and citizen requests with ease:

  • Automate processing for incoming and outgoing mail and requests.
  • Provide timely and accurate responses.
  • Improve quality control.
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