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Does your company need to process, store, and manage multiple form-based documents? Are these forms compiled of various sources, digital assets, and communications ?

Allow your organization to effectively and efficiently manage all forms of paperwork and the entire digitization process.

Direct workflows by automatically identifying or separating documents in batches. Structure multiple-level scanning folders and easily route them to the correct department with a solution that does the work for  you. Centralize file locations with optical character recognition (OCR) identification.

Streamlining Forms

Structure multiple-level scanning folders and easily route them to the correct department, avoiding processing errors , and converting PDFs into your applications and corporate processes when necessary.

Log all user access and operations in Elise ECM

Extraction and Structuring

Through optimized optical character recognition , easily identify and store similar forms in a centralized location, extract data , and correct fundamental issues that arise. Optical Character Recognition identifies form correlation, checks and corrects errors, and notifies your organization of faults, making accuracy imperative.

Elise Flow, bien plus qu'un parapheur électronique !

Electronic Signature Capabilities

Ensure every users’ benefit through the utilization of electronic signature features. Adapt signatures to  your  needs, compliant with regulatory requirements and proof of authenticity. With intelligent electronic integration you can guarantee contract security and auditing.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Tools Help Reduce Repetitive Tasks with Elise

Acceleration of Processing

Increase stakeholder’s satisfaction while expediting form cycles through the automation of documents, standardized contracts, managed compliance, and operational efficiency.

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