Understanding Data Security

When it comes to data security, it is imperative for companies to be proactive rather than reactive. Unfortunately, there is a reality that data breaches are becoming more frequent and difficult for businesses to manage. Almost half of America’s business’ come face to face with more than fifty thousand dollars’ worth of damage to recover after a threat.

Still, putting forth high-level security systems that put your teams first is often out of budgetary guidelines for most companies.

Elise ECM is more than enterprise content management. Backed by Microsoft Azure, NeoLedge’s Elise solution administers the strongest of shields: protecting information effortlessly. With full customizability, manage employee authority levels simply: creating confidentiality through automation. Stay up to date with team activity, encourage collaboration, and follow regulatory compliance measures with grace.

Reduce processing times, meet deadlines, and most importantly, put your information in secure hands. Choosing Elise today means choosing security for all your files tomorrow.


1) Protection of Personal Data


2) Comply with State and Federal Regulation


3) Improve Interdepartmental Communication and Collaboration


4) Work with a Network of NeoLedge Certified Expert Partners


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