Keeping up with Compliance

Regulatory statutes are constantly changing. Professionals must practice adversity throughout these adjustment periods, finding ways to secure their data and information, following legal guidelines and mandates. Automated processes make staying up to date with current trends and governance easy to stay relevant, increase returns, and optimize business processes.

With illico, NeoLedge’s smart city solution, various benefits of use arise: lowered processing times, increased efficiency, heightened collaboration, so on and so forth. Most importantly, illico modernizes the business process to ensure regulatory compliance.

Illico offers complete customization, ensuring your organization’s specific needs are met, while protecting your data with best-in-class security and compliance. Meet GDPR standards with ease, authorize levels of confidentiality within documents, and trust file recognition with instant Optical Character Recognition.



1) 40 % Decrease in Communication Time Spent Between Departments


2) 100% Penalties Eliminated for Late Payment of Invoices


3) 90% Decrease in Open-Records Related Phone Calls


4) 50% Decrease in Processing Times


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