Citizen Relationship Management: Are Your Citizens Satisfied With Their City?

Now, perhaps more than ever, cities, municipalities, and governments are looking to improve citizen satisfaction. These entities need to find ways to improve alerts, notifications, and the sharing of information. Throughout the duration of COVID, we have seen various local organizations struggling to inform and update their citizens at no fault of their own. The underlying issue that must be discussed is citizen relationship management: what are the benefits of implementing such a solution? What is the cost? What can it provide for me? Optimize citizen services and satisfaction by delivering a connected experience across multiple channels, such as mobile applications, web portals and call center support.

The benefits of citizen relationship management are limitless. Cities can easily communicate with their constituents, updating them in real-time. This aspect of CRM is necessary today and every day: having a greater ability to communicate with your community allows you to protect your community from imminent danger, natural disasters, and more! It also provides a feeling of security for citizens, improving their overall satisfaction levels. Perhaps some of the most beneficial aspects of citizen relationship management are an increase in transparency, security, efficiency, and improved analytics. Many other benefits include but are not limited to:

Informational Organization

Simplify data organization with a CRM solution that centralizes all information on your behalf. Track citizen interaction with your organization, streamlining identification, documentation, and recording of information. Making this data available across organizational lines eliminates tedious document filing and disorganization. Store previous requests, citizen interaction, and avoid duplicates with Citizen Relationship Management. Access files with ease, searching for the most minute of details within a request.  Rid your team of tedious tasks and get to the bottom of citizen complaints faster and more efficient than ever.

Enhanced Communication

Citizen Relationship Management solutions allow information to flow freely between departments. Add confidentiality rules to processes, protecting your city from breaches of trust. Allow interdepartmental communication to thrive as well, giving employees the ability to send tasks directly through email, automated workflows, and more. Increase collaboration within your organization while also providing your citizens with a mobile platform to stay involved and up to date with community news. Citizens can also access request platforms on-the-go with any of their mobile devices, making community involvement easier than ever!

Improved Citizen Satisfaction

Receive and act on requests immediately, providing citizens with the highest level of satisfaction. CRM solutions allow you to communicate directly with citizens, customizing text messages, email responses, and notifications to keep your community updated while also providing them with the security of personal interaction. Create a stronger sense of community by assuring your citizens directly that their request is being handled with the utmost respect and speed.

NeoLedge CRM

Real-time information accessible from tablet or smartphone

24×7 monitoring of city performance and activities

Mobile access from any device to make decisions and act on the move

Citizen request submission available 24/7/365 through the Elise City app

Traceability of requests and exchanges