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Citizen Relationship Management

Optimize citizen services and satisfaction by delivering a connected experience across multiple channels, such as mobile applications, web portals and call center support.

Citizen mobile application

With illico, you can offer your citizens a modern mobile application branded for your city. They can easily make requests and you can automatically centralize, classify and localize queries behind the scenes.

  • Boost your city’s reputation as a caring and collaborative partner for citizens.
  • Provide modern tools that encourage citizen engagement and involvement.
  • Enable citizens to view and manage their requests, preventing duplicates and delays.

Citizen web portal

The illico web application integrates seamlessly with your city’s website. Citizens are guided through submitting their requests and can share on social networks to strengthen engagement.

  • Enjoy a simple and customizable deployment.
  • Provide an easy-to-use and guided tool for citizen requests.
  • Allow citizens to share requests on social networks to interact across channels.

Efficient phone support

illico provides your city’s call center with a dedicated interface for handling and routing telephone calls, interfaced with your GIS.

  • Provide employees with an easy streamlined tool for handling telephone requests.
  • Centralize all calls in one place to quickly facilitate processing.
  • Enable more efficient handling in the field with geographical tracking of requests.

Catalog of services

illico includes a modular catalog of services to guide the entry of citizen requests and provide the most accurate response as quickly as possible.

  • Customize services to solve any  challenge.
  • Deliver a faster response to citizen requests.
  • Guide citizens through their requests on the mobile or web application

Simplified query processing

illico can automatically route requests to the appropriate department and adapt to match the tasks of each request.

  • Use dynamic workflows to direct queries to the right place and the right person.
  • Provide faster responses and decisions.
  • Make your agents’ lives easier with a tool adapted to their work.

Business intelligence tools

Take advantage of illico’s built-in analysis tools that make it possible to measure performance and make better decisions. Analyze requests, improve the quality of your services, and forecast your future.

  • Monitor the performance and effectiveness of citizen services.
  • Gain deeper visibility and insight into operations, activities and budgets.
  • Proactively plan for the future.
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