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City Collaboration

illico is a shared subscription service for intermunicipal cooperatives, making it easy to facilitate collaboration and exchanges while maintaining the autonomy of each city.

Share services

illico enables cities and intermunicipalities to pool expenses and maximize outcomes. A single solution saves time and money while providing a common foundation for success.

  • Share the illico subscription between cities of the intermunicipality.
  • Benefit from an economy of scale.
  • Save time with shared, mutual management rules.

Retain management autonomy

With illico, each municipality retains its individual organization and management so there is no disruption to day-to-day operations.

  • Offer each member municipality autonomy and data confidentiality.
  • Retain control of individual operations.
  • Eliminate restrictions and restraints of a centralized administration service.

Facilitate communications between cities

Securely facilitate document and mail exchanges between municipalities for increased efficiency and optimal ROI.

  • Reduce the costs and delays of traditional mailings.
  • Encourage communication between municipalities with multi-channel collaboration tools.
  • Allow municipalities to organize their mail processing without having to go through a centralized service.
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