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Is Your City Really at the Service of Your Citizens?

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Citizens increasingly feel the need to be involved in the management of their city. For that reason, several opportunities are available for cities to satisfy new expectations of citizens. With the Elise Citizen Relationship Management solution by NeoLedge, you will soon be a Smart City! Simplify citizen reports The Elise Citizen Relationship Management solution enables […]

The Mechanized Workplace

In essence, automation is the simplification of repetitive processes through artificial intelligence and systematic organization. As we live in an ever-changing age of technology, the need for process automation has grown immensely. Many businesses see the benefits of implementing such solutions, as they increase efficiency, productivity, and completely remove mundane tasks from the workplace. Businesses […]

The Future of the Office Has Arrived

With the impacts of COVID-19, we have seen numerous companies take their presence to the cloud. Employees are communicating with one another via online platforms, cellular services, and video meetings. An early-April survey of 25,000 Americans, led by MIT, found that thirty-four percent of those previously employed in a standard residential office, are now working […]

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