Document Digitization: The Way of the Future

As time passes, many business’s feel the pressure to join the digital revolution. Some are more hesitant than others, finding discomfort in changing processes. However most, if not all companies see the overwhelming value in document digitization and are opting out of spending countless hours sifting through paper records! Various types of content management have arose as technology continues to expand and innovation thrives. Still, it is often difficult to choose which solution is best for the organizations’ goals.

Digital documents are stored in centralized systems, making data points much easier to find and increasing overall accessibility levels for employees. With robust search engines, these solutions are light-years ahead when it comes to technological advancement. High-quality imaging and indexing processes make the potential advantages to digitally storing and filing documents boundless.

Some “document digitization” companies simply scan files as images into a dedicated system. NeoLedge’s Elise ECM solution effectively categorizes and recognizes data, providing your team with a system that avoids duplicate files, increases collaboration, and upholds accountability. These mechanisms result in faster processing times and budget optimization which helps your team save time and money.

Elise’s Optical Character Recognition provides ease of accessibility, indexing information and allowing users to identify the most minute text detail within a document instantly. Processes that once took what felt like a lifetime can now be completed in the blink of an eye! This time saved often reduces labor costs, as employees’ efficiency levels with Elise increase by 200%!

Many companies have also turned to digitization for security and data transparency. Lack of paper document visibility and security has become a huge obstacle for small businesses. It is much easier to assign levels of confidentiality within a digital platform: simply authorize or refuse to authorize certain individuals to view specific document details. If companies are unaware of the contents of their documents, simply because they have trouble finding them, levels of compliance can easily be breached. With Elise ECM, know your information is safe, easily accessible, and there to support your organizations’ long-term goals. Know that you have finally found the content management solution that has your team’s goals in mind.

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