How Municipalities Can Drive Local Economic Development Through Digital Transformation

In the current day and age characterized by rapid modernization, increased constituent expectations, shrinking budgets, and unpredictable outside disruptions, municipalities’ reliance on out-dated paper-based processes drains its scarce resources and limits its ability to fully serve constituents. The bottom line is that local governments should embrace digital transformation and go paperless by adopting a modern, cloud-based government management platform. In essence, municipalities can actually drive local economic development through digital transformation. 


First and foremost, digital transformation greatly improves convenience. Consumers in modern society are accustomed to the ease of shopping, ordering food, booking travel, banking, and more all from their screens. They expect to be able to conduct business online. Paperless processes provide constituents with on-demand access to applications, information and other services that traditionally require a trip to city hall. By digitizing operations, municipalities can more efficiently process claims, applications and license requests, resulting in higher constituent satisfaction. 


It also results in an increase in cash flow. For example, when fees for various municipality related programs can be paid online, those fees are collected in a much faster manner. In essence, the constituents will pay quicker if they can make online payments as opposed to sending a check or even making a trip down to city/town hall. The ability to receive online payments significantly increases cash flow, which in turn significantly reduces the need for the municipality to borrow money. Paying for expenses with money coming in as opposed to the cost of money being borrowed is a significant factor that drives economic growth. 


Digital transformation also increases overall revenue for the municipality. For example, people are far more willing to start and keep their small businesses in municipalities that make it more convenient for them to interact with the municipality. In essence, the municipality benefits from the additional tax revenue, which is another important factor that drives economic growth. Last, but certainly not least, when municipalities get rid of their paper based system and modernize to digital based system it saves time and reduces manpower. Saving money certainly drives economic growth for any country, city, or town. 


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