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Mail Management

Digitize all documents and correspondence across your city illico! Ensure traceability, automate and monitor processing and accelerate response time.

Multichannel mail management

With illico, you can centralize all mail and email to your city in a single solution. Quickly scan and organize paper mail and capture your e-mails in one click.

  • Ensure end-to-end traceability of your important mail.
  • Retain and protect original documents in your ECM solution.
  • Centralize requests regardless of the source or channel in which they were received.

Efficient mail circulation

Accelerate mail processing with a dedicated interface designed to optimize employee actions through automated workflows, helpful notifications and convenient mobile access.

  • Instantly record and distribute mail.
  • Optimize mail processing and distribution.
  • Quickly validate mail and processes.
  • Access and monitor mail on mobile devices.

Expedited mail processing

Define processing times by type of mail and use customizable tracking tables to guarantee your citizens, employees, vendors and partners receive a timely, accurate response.

  • Improve response times.
  • Monitor past, current and future activities.
  • Send the right mail to the right person or department.
  • Reassign mail or tasks on the fly.

Simplified communications

Make writing mail faster and easier with a document template library and automatic integration of data from your business applications.

  • Quickly create automatic responses with pre-filled information.
  • Improve employee productivity.
  • Reduce errors and manual data entry.

Integrated contact database

Link mail to your contacts to track correspondence associated with a specific person or department.

  • See a global view of correspondence linked to a recipient or sender.
  • Find all personal data relating to a third party in the event of a request for access or deletion of data.
  • One-click monitoring of all correspondence.

Easy search and classification

Put the information employees need at their fingertips with dynamic classifications and a simplified, multi-criteria search.

  • Quickly find important information.
  • Ensure there are no duplicates in your document base.
  • Search for all or part of a document based on multiple criteria options.
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