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How to Eliminate Paper in Your Accounting Department

Did you know that by simply reducing the amount of paper that your accounting department uses you could improve the efficiency of your entire organization? The bottom line is that digital documents are far easier to manage, process, search, and store. By eliminating paper in your accounting department your staff will spend more time working and less time shuffling […]

The Top Three Ways Document Management Reduces Costs

As you know, documents are an incredibly important piece of the business process, but if your organization is still utilizing a manual paper system it’s costing you a tremendous amount of wasted time and money. This is because the price of paper seems to increase daily in today’s economic climate. In addition, the cost to store all those paper documents is […]

Government Agencies and Municipalities Should Utilize Electronic Signatures 

Did you know that in the Unites States over 1,300 federal, state, and local government agencies are currently utilizing digital signatures to process applications and electronic forms? They are also using electronic signatures to better manage correspondence. If your department is still doing things the old-fashioned way, meaning signing paper documents with a pen, it is time to catch […]

The Importance of the CARES Act and Digital Transformations

Unbelievably, we are now a solid year into the COVID pandemic. That means government agencies have been working on their long-term strategies when it comes to how they will operate moving forward. In light of these plans, Department heads must consider the complex combination of social distancing needs, the ever-growing remote workforce, and the technology that is needed to support these initiatives. The […]

The Benefits of Fully Mobile Process Automation

Fully mobile process automation provides a great deal of benefits. This statement holds especially true if your organization processes a plethora of forms and other data daily. The fact of the matter is that you are living in the dark ages if you have not yet automated and updated your information systems to work on […]

Business Process Automation: Necessary for Improving Your Bottom Line

Did you know that business process automation, or BPA for short, is a growing executive strategy that enables organizations to utilize both their personnel and systems in a far more efficient and cost effective manner? In essence, it takes standard data management to the next level using technologically advanced software that fully integrates all your current applications into one […]

Electronic Documents: The Key to Form Management

The vast majority of people know that forms are actually documents that contain multiple fields for the intent of capturing data or a specific piece of information. Depending on your industry, you may use hundreds of forms on a daily basis in order to process various information. You also know that all of those forms […]

Your Invoice Management Systems Should be Paperless

Did you know that a great deal of private sector businesses have already transitioned from a paper based invoice managment system to an all-electronic invoice management system? That means your direct competitors may very well be ahead of you when it comes to streamlining their invoicing processes and procedures, which in turns means they are […]

Implementing A Digital Mailroom Will Improve Your Bottom Line

Did you know that the mailroom is one of the most hectic departments in any organization? In essence, your mailroom is in a constant state of being overwhelmed with envelopes and packages arriving, and then being re-distributed to the proper parties or departments. This process is currently draining your resources on a daily basis. The […]

Electronic Invoicing Has A Great Deal Of Benefits

Did you know that an electronic invoice is digital throughout its entire lifecycle? That means the creation of the document, sending of the document, payment of the invoice, and all financial related aspects of the bookkeeping and accounting that take place are through a computer-based system from start to finish. That being stated, electronic invoicing […]

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