The Importance of Records Management in 2022 and Beyond

Far too many businesses, organizations, and local governments either underestimate the importance of records management, or view this process as a matter of convenience rather than necessity. However, records management programs are vital for any office with ongoing recordkeeping, as they offer a number of advantages that are directly linked to productivity and cost savings. In addition, a well designed and implemented records management system helps ensure compliance. This is incredibly important, especially with the new government regulations for records management. 


It’s also incredibly important to have fast and easy access to your files, especially the ones that are used the most. So, why is records management important in 2022 and beyond? The importance of records management lies in how it oversees information that’s been created, received, maintained, and disposed of regardless of the document’s format. In other words, records management is important because it ensures vital records are preserved. Records management also supervises records throughout their lifecycle, including compliance within set retention procedures. 


In essence, records management is the best way to guarantee records with historical, fiscal, and legal impact are accurately identified and preserved. It also guarantees that non-essential records are discarded as often as is required by the established guidelines. A quality records management system can bring a vast array  of crucial benefits to your organization, from improved efficiency and faster retrieval, to enhanced workflows and minimized risks. In addition, it’s necessary for organizations to have a solid record management system in place to ensure that they abide by all necessary regulations. 


This holds particularly true since record compliance is growing far more strict based on government regulations. These laws and regulations can include things like HIPAA, FACTA, and/or the HITECH Act, all of which merit a well-structured approach to records management. As an added bonus seamless compliance is incredibly helpful to your agency as a whole. Enforcement for noncompliance can be incredibly harsh and severe ranging from legal actions to other expensive penalties. 


In order to ensure that you’re following through regarding regulatory compliance, you’ll likely need the help of records management technology, in addition to a trusted policy for records retention. For example, if you own or operate a construction company then it’s necessary to follow the rules for achieving construction permits. Otherwise, you may not be in compliance with the building department. That can cause serious issues, such as penalties, and cost you both time and money. 


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