How e-Government Can Benefit Your Community

If you work in local or national government you may not think about the fact that eGovernment can greatly benefit your community, your organization, and your job. So, what is e-Government exactly? By definition, e-Government is a term that is used to describe any government based system, process or function that utilizes digital information technology in order to operate. Oftentimes, these actions are conducted online.  The benefits of e-Government include the vastly improved flow of information from citizens to government, government to citizens, and within government itself. 


In addition, e-Government goes a long way in bringing  administration procedures  into the modern digital era. The bottom line is that digital transformation has the ability to revolutionize nearly every aspect of government. It will absolutely have a positive impact on your community as a whole. The main concept behind e-Government is to improve cost-effectiveness and efficiency in all aspects of operations. However, there are a great deal of benefits that are completely unique to specific areas of government that are worth considering. 


For example, the shift to advanced technologies is something that most citizens expect and even demand. In fact, 76% of Americans use the Internet in order to access both local government and federal government information. It’s a crying shame that some federal agencies are still utilizing completely outdated technologies. This not only slows down production from a departmental standpoint,  it also muddies the waters between government and its citizens. In essence, if a resident of a city or town prefers to pay their property tax bill online just like they do with all of their other bills, but your city or town doesn’t have the technology to do so in place, it doesn’t bode well. 


E-Government technologies can also significantly improve communication between various levels of government and between different government departments as well. Cloud-based tools can be easily adapted to government needs. This provides a single, unified platform where reliable data and effective communications all but eliminate inaccuracies and redundancies. The vast majority of the advantages that are associated with private-sector CRM can also be applied to e-Government. In fact, the private sector has already provided the perfect blueprint for this. 


However, despite the availability of the technology and the many far-reaching advantages of e-government, most government agencies still have a long way to go.


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