Digital Culture Should Matter To Your Organization

Digital culture is a theory that describes how technology and the Internet are shaping the way that we interact as humans. It’s the way that we behave, think and communicate within society. Digital culture is the product of the endless persuasive technology that is all around us, and the result of disruptive technological innovation. It’s applicable to multiple topics, but basically comes down to one particular theme. That theme is the relationship between humans and technology.


Digital culture also has a direct effect on how and where we work, which is why it should matter a great deal to your organization. In fact, there are multiple reasons why digital culture has a direct impact on your overall business model. For example, it breaks hierarchy and speeds up the work flow process. In essence, it’s important to allow employees to make their own judgments. Breaking down the hierarchies empowers workers to make faster decisions. It also encourages innovation.


In essence, digital culture provides organizations with the ability to foster a workplace that motivates employees to try new things while also enhancing the learning ability of your workforce. Last but certainly not least, digital culture attracts new age talent and retains the current workforce. Both Millennials and Generation Z employees no longer want to work in the standard 9-5 environment. Instead, they want to be part of a digital culture that allows a collaborative and independent workplace.


It also increases employee engagement, which allows them to voice their opinions in order to create an actual impact. So, what is a digital experience in the environment of a digital business? In essence, it’s the aspect of technology that allows companies to go beyond just digitizing their paper process in order to create services that are possible because of the Internet and other technologies. Technology alone doesn’t make something a digital experience. Instead, it’s the processes that can’t be done physically.


For example, if you had a written document and a scanned document, this wouldn’t improve the digital experience necessarily because they basically do the same thing. However, if you had a PDF document that was enhanced to allow online reviews and editing or things like digital signatures, this could be called a digital experience. Digital technology has simplified the process of social connectivity by allowing people to communicate with family, friends and team-workers when working remotely.


With the increase of social networking apps and websites, digital technology has made it possible to communicate through words in the form of text messages, and video in the form of video calls, and virtual conferences.


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