Automation Can Help You Retain Employees During The Great Resignation Era

According to a recent study conducted by UiPath, 86% of business executives in the United States view automation as a solution against the mass departure of employees during the Great Resignation. Automation technology has been incorporated into just about every aspect of business. The good news is that it can be used to help companies that are having problems keeping their workers. During the Covid pandemic quarantine, the vast majority of businesses worked hard to quickly develop and deploy a remote work from home plan.


That included providing employees with computers and other necessary home-based office equipment. Organizations also utilized Zoom calls and other video conferencing software to replace in-person meetings. Management and their teams replaced going out for drinks with online games in order to bond. The experiment proved that a remote workforce was not only possible to survive, but it could also thrive. Most employees preferred the freedom that comes with working from home.


In fact, they were so happy with the situation that their performance as a whole actually increased. However, when the Covid pandemic numbers began to fall, the majority of organizations required their work force to return to the office. Upper-level management and mid-level management seemed to feel that it would be better to have everyone back at their respective desks in the facility. They assumed that their employees wouldn’t have an issue with it. They were wrong. Instead of coming back to the office, a great deal of employees headed for the door.


In fact, 33 million American workers and counting quit their jobs since spring 2021. Most businesses are utilizing automation in order to reverse the trend. Here’s how. First and foremost, automation allows the workforce to work from home if they so choose. The infrastructure is already in place. The proof is in the pudding that the concept works well. Now, upper level and mid-level management just need to see the light. In addition, automation creates more engaging and desirable roles. Companies are finding that their top talent isn’t quitting in order to lay low and relax.


In essence, they’re in search of something bigger and better. The bottom line is that they’re no longer willing to get bogged down with time consuming tasks that can be easily automated. They’re getting burned out from the endless amount of unnecessary work. Automation helps energize these potential go-getters by eliminating the same old repetitive tasks from the job description.


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