The Benefits of Fully Mobile Process Automation

Fully mobile process automation provides a great deal of benefits. This statement holds especially true if your organization processes a plethora of forms and other data daily. The fact of the matter is that you are living in the dark ages if you have not yet automated and updated your information systems to work on mobile-based platforms. The good news is that the technology is easy to implement. In fact, your staff will love using it once they become comfortable with the new process and procedures.  Implementing fully mobile process automation has also become far more affordable over recent years thanks to advances in technology.  

However, you should not be thinking about how much money fully mobile process automation would cost you. You should be thinking instead about what fully mobile process automation could do to not only help your business but improve your bottom line. Did you know that it takes the average office worker about 18 minutes to find a document using a manual system? That means your employees are wasting anywhere between 20 to 40 percent of their time each day finding documents. If that seems like a complete waste of labor related resources, it is.  

By implementing mobile-based process automation into your organization’s workflow, productivity will significantly increase and wasted time will diminish. However, that is not the only way automation provides benefits and saves time. Fully mobile process automation also significantly reduces the need to multi-task. Although you may be under the false belief that when your employees multi-task it is a good thing, the exact opposite is actually true. In fact, when your employees are jumping between software programs, emails, and news sites, they are switching off between tasks, which makes them on average 40 percent less productive.  

The good news is that fully mobile process automation considerably reduces multi-tasking because the information storage and gathering process is fully automated and can be easily accessed by a smartphone or tablet from anywhere at anytime in a centralized location. In essence, your employees will now have the ability to spend their time and focus their energy on far more important tasks. When your system is automated and accessible through mobile-based hardware, information access and storage can be taken care of with the tap of a button.  Last but certainly not least, fully mobile process automation helps to ensure that both data collection and data storage is fully secure.  

In essence, mobile forms are far more secure than their paper counterparts. For example, only assigned users can access information on a smartphone or tablet, while a file cabinet may be open to the entire office. Mobile forms are held to the highest level of online security standards and are not vulnerable to damage by fire, misplacement, or water.    

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