Electronic Documents: The Key to Form Management

The vast majority of people know that forms are actually documents that contain multiple fields for the intent of capturing data or a specific piece of information. Depending on your industry, you may use hundreds of forms on a daily basis in order to process various information. You also know that all of those forms must be properly managed. Otherwise, it can become completely overwhelming. This holds especially true if you are still using a paper based form system instead of an electronic based form system. Paper documents can go missing far more easily, which can certainly lead to a business related disaster.

That means if you are still using paper, now is the time to switch over to digital. The following information will provide you with a few great reasons to get rid of paper-based forms. First and foremost, electronic forms significantly cuts costs. Did you know that the average cost to process a basic paper form is approximately $5 per form? That can add up quickly. For example, if you have three (3) employees that handle ten (10) paper forms on a daily basis, which equals 30 forms per day or 150 forms per workweek. At $5 per form, that equals $750 per week in form processing alone. That also equals $39,000 per year by the way.

The good news is that going digital significantly reduces these form processing costs. In addition to saving on labor costs, electronic forms also significantly reduce the need to purchase paper. Did you know that the average office worker uses approximately 10,000 sheets of paper per year in order to produce and re-produce paper based forms? That equals a large expense in paper, ink, and paper storage. Not to mention that cutting down on paper usage is good for the environment. In addition to saving money, electronic forms also save time because they simplify the document/forms sharing process.

Paper forms are not easy to route to say the least. For example, they typically need to be copied so that all parties that need access to the forms actually have a copy. The routing process also makes the forms vulnerable to being misplaced and lost. How many times has an important form gone missing for days on end only to end up being buried on someone’s desk? It’s too many times to count. On the other hand, electronic forms not only provide instant access to all parties that need access to the form, it also distributes the form in a safe and secure way.

NeoLedge’s document digitization solutions provide ease of accessibility to any and all forms. Streamline business process and keep all files managed and organized efficiently. Reduce costs and increase security by enterring the digital age today.


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