Implementing A Digital Mailroom Will Improve Your Bottom Line

Did you know that the mailroom is one of the most hectic departments in any organization? In essence, your mailroom is in a constant state of being overwhelmed with envelopes and packages arriving, and then being re-distributed to the proper parties or departments. This process is currently draining your resources on a daily basis. The good news is that a digital mailroom provides you with a great deal of benefits that are helpful to your bottom line. Perhaps the most important benefit is the fact that a digital mailroom will greatly improve your overall efficiency.


Although email has replaced a significant percentage of paper-based communications, it certainly hasn’t replaced all of it. That means there is a high volume of paper-based mail that your organization must handle on a daily basis. The process includes receiving the mail, processing the mail, and then sending the mail back out to the appropriate party. Doing this with each and every letter, report, and notice takes up a tremendous amount of time that could be spend on more important tasks, such as generating revenue. That is why your mailroom needs to become as efficient as possible.


The best way to accomplish that is by converting it to a digital format. The process will save your organization a great deal of time, which means it will also save your organization a great deal of money. This is due to the fact that a digital mailroom eliminates the entire re-distribution process, which is literally half of the battle. For example, when your organization currently receives a piece of mail, it is delivered to the mailroom. At that point, it is manually processed, and then physically re-distributed by hand. With a digital mailroom system, the mail is delivered to the mailroom, scanned into the system, and then electronically re-distributed automatically.


Digital mailrooms deliver significantly higher levels of mailroom efficiency because they have the ability to both sort and distribute data automatically and in an instantaneous manner. This provides your entire organization with the benefits of having immediate access to specific documents, which can help you meet tighter timeframes. It also saves time on the backend. For example, the departments and specific employees who are receiving the mail will no longer need to make photocopies and scan those photocopies into the system since they are already scanned into the system prior to delivery. In addition, documents of an urgent nature can be flagged in the system prior to delivery.


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