How to Eliminate Paper in Your Accounting Department

Did you know that by simply reducing the amount of paper that your accounting department uses you could improve the efficiency of your entire organization? The bottom line is that digital documents are far easier to manage, process, search, and store. By eliminating paper in your accounting department your staff will spend more time working and less time shuffling paper around. Going digital is also a simple featIn an innovative document management system, you can scan, email, or directly upload documents with ease, making digital conversion seamless.   

With that information in mind, converting your internal systems from being paper based to paperless still takes careful planning. It also requires a bit of dedication and buy in from your entire staff. It is incredibly important to find a strategy that works for your accounting department. Each organization is different. However, you do need to start somewhere. A good place to start is by setting a date to make the conversion from paper to digital. Consult with your staff and set the date to go paperless.  

Make sure that every member of your team is aware of this entrance into the digital age. It will go a long way in making sure your organization is prepared for the adjustment. You should also utilize a cloud-based system. Do not store your documents on a hard drive; that is the old school way of doing things. You need to truly keep your documents safe by using an online storage service and system. Start the process by converting the documents that you truly need. Although it may be tempting to scan everything at once, it could be a bit overwhelming at first. For example, if you have old files that are never or barely used, those files do not need to be digitized right away.  

In essence, you should fill in the gaps as you go along in the process. For example, you can start by digitizing all relevant paperwork from the past two to three years. In essence, while the paper files are being converted to electronic files there will be an impact on your accounting department’s overall productivity. That is why it is best to go paperless during a relatively quiet period, this way all employees are given the time to receive proper solution training and processes can continue seamlessly. 

Benefits of Automated Accounting Systems: 

  • Secure File Storage 
  • Real-Time Integrations 
  • Higher Productivity 
  • Faster Customer Payments 
  • Improved Accuracy 
  • Removal of Human Error 
  • Time & Money Savings 
  • And Much More! 

Please contact us today for more information about how to eliminate paper in your accounting department, and how our digital solutions can help your organization. NeoLedge is a well-established, yet fast growing electronic document management company that has a global reach. The business was founded in France over 25 years ago by a team of entrepreneurs that genuinely believe innovation is a living and breathing process that pushes us to find better ways to help organizations perform.  

That principal has served us well through the years, as we are now a recognized throughout the world as a groundbreaking leader in the cloud-based software industry. We are incredibly proud of the fact that we have guided and continue to guide hundreds of organizations through their digital transformation. Our company has also supported thousands of daily users, and millions of managed documents in both the public and private sectors. 

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