How Document Management Eliminates the Digital Skills Gap

Do you know what the digital skills gap is?  In essence, the digital skills gap can be defined as the disparity between jobs that require at least a basic understanding of technology in comparison to the number of qualified candidates who are actually available to fill these jobs. It’s certainly not a surprise that upskilling and reskilling are hot topics for executives, department managers and HR departments in every business sector in the Unites States and across the globe.


For example, it’s far less expensive to retrain current staff than to hire new employees. In addition, your employees already understand the ins and outs of your organization. The bottom line is that there is a significant amount to be gained by continuing to expand that valuable knowledge.

There are other positive aspects as well. For example, providing opportunities to train with new technology goes a long way in building up the morale of your employees. A great deal of organizations discover that even workers who are initially lacking in experience with digital tools can learn quickly.


That means they can help fill the skills gap, especially if they’re working with a user-friendly application. That is exactly where our document management solutions can play a role. In essence, our program is simple to use and will go a long way in helping you dismiss the incorrect perception that learning to use new technology is intimidating. The bottom line is that it doesn’t need to be a difficult situation for your employees that do not have experience with document management.


The good news is that even your employees who haven’t used software in their work lives prior to this can get up to speed quickly without intensive and overwhelming training. Users learn by doing, so it’s necessary to show them how their specific tasks should be done then give them time to practice at their own workstations. In addition, training sessions should be shorter rather than longer. They should also only cover one topic at a time.


In addition to providing training for all of your new employees, recordings enable current employees to review course content, as they need it. In the current day and age technical proficiency isn’t only relevant to IT departments. Digital skills are also a requirement for non-technical roles such as sales, customer service, marketing, finance and Human Resources.


Please contact us today for more information about how document management eliminates the digital skills gap, and how our digital solutions can help your organization. NeoLedge is a well established, yet fast growing electronic document Management Company that has a global reach. The business was founded in France over 25 years ago by a team of entrepreneurs that truly believe innovation is a living and breathing process that pushes us to find better ways to help organizations perform.


That principal has served us well through the years, as we are now a recognized throughout the world as a groundbreaking leader in the cloud based software industry. We are incredibly proud of the fact that we have guided and continue to guide hundreds of organizations through their digital transformation. Our company has also supported thousands of daily users, and millions of managed documents in both the public and private sectors.