How Introducing Workflow Automation In Urban Cities Can Improve The Quality Of Life

There’s no doubt that a digital based transformation is happening. As a matter of fact, it has a direct impact on all aspects of our lives. For example, the vast majority of us simply can’t live without our smartphones and other digital devices. Many organizations, both large and small, have adopted new technologies such as workflow automation. Global demand is at an all-time high. City leaders are starting to not only accept, but also utilize this new trend. Many cities and towns across the United States and across the world have begun to incorporate digital processes into city/town operations.


Utilizing digital process automation makes life easier for both city employees and residents alike. The bottom line is that the digital process isn’t solely about improving overall efficiency with new technology, it’s also about improving the quality of life for urban city residents. The good news is that workflow automation provides leaders with the ability to utilize real-time data in order to make educated decisions about current issues. It also enables leaders to develop solutions in a far timelier and cost-effective manner.


However, urban cities need to have applications in place that are used by the majority of citizens in order to have access to the data. In essence, the date is collected from residents when they utilize an application or visit a website. That data must then be automatically analyzed by the software program or application. The next step is for city leaders to use the analyzed data in order to make important decisions that impact the city. For example, an application developed by the city to track snowstorms would provide residents with the ability to know when their street and other streets are being plowed.


This improves their quality of life because it saves residents the panic of not knowing how long they will be stuck at home for. This is particularly important for people who need to get to work. Workflow automation improves the lives of residents by improving the efficiency of behind-the-scenes operations. The digital process enables leaders to make faster and better decisions. According to a recent report by the McKinsey Global Institute, city leaders can improve the quality of life for its residents and workers by 10-30%.


Urban city workflow automation programs go a long way in improving accessibility, air quality, energy consumption, healthcare, public safety, transportation, waste management and water usage to name a few.


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