The Future of the Office Has Arrived

With the impacts of COVID-19, we have seen numerous companies take their presence to the cloud. Employees are communicating with one another via online platforms, cellular services, and video meetings. An early-April survey of 25,000 Americans, led by MIT, found that thirty-four percent of those previously employed in a standard residential office, are now working from home. Combined with the other fifteen percent that had previously began remote employment, nearly half of the U.S. workforce can be assumed to be working remotely. In essence, the pandemic has become a global experiment in remote work and telecommunications.

Prior to the outbreak, many companies denied remote work for employees, but has this become the new norm?  What do large and small-scale businesses need to know about remote dashboards to ensure efficiency, and operational effectiveness? With NeoLedge’s Elise solution, rest assured knowing your employees are in secure hands, files are accessible, and productivity is effortless regardless of personal location.

1)Increase Productivity

digital transformation of banks and insurance | NeoLedgeNeoLedge’s Elise solution provides complete accessibility from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

With applications available on Android and Apple operating systems, receive task updates through various notification platforms, ensuring that all employees are aware of their specific responsibilities as they arise.

 Reasons for Case Management | NeoLedgeLearn more : Discover our ECM Elise solution !


2)Promote Teamwork

digital transformation of banks and insurance | NeoLedgeDecrease open-records related phone calls by ninety percent while increasing employee engagement, allowing automated workflows to completely remove arising lost files between team members.

Team members can easily share files via third party integrated services such as Microsoft Outlook assimilation, or manually send tasks with instructions to coworkers.


3)Double Efficiency

statistiquesCut processing times in half, track document edits, file locations, and more as Elise updates and notifies administrators of changes by whom and when, increasing efficiency and accountability within the workplace.

Increase efficiency by two-hundred percent through workflow automation, system Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Search Optimization.


4)Optimize Cost Management

base de donnéesSave time and money through automation while also lowering budget costs by offering telecommunication.

Reduce in-house spending and overhead by allowing individuals to work from home, on the road, or in community-provided work environments.



In summary, remote dashboards can allow your company to see various benefits from document digitization to increased workflow accuracy. As we see an increase in remote work, adjustments must be made by organizations to adapt to market circumstances. Elise allows telecommunications to become a natural flow of your organization, ensuring productivity and growth along the way!

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