Is Your City Really at the Service of Your Citizens?

Citizens increasingly feel the need to be involved in the management of their city. For that reason, several opportunities are available for cities to satisfy new expectations of citizens. With the Elise Citizen Relationship Management solution by NeoLedge, you will soon be a Smart City!

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Simplify citizen reports

expectations of citizensThe Elise Citizen Relationship Management solution enables cities to set up an application that will allow citizens to create reports via an Open 311 protocol. This geolocalizes the citizen when he makes a request.

First, the citizen connects to the mobile application or to the 311 web application integrated into the city portal. He then details his request by specifying certain information such as the type of incident, the importance of the problem, a photograph, etc. The citizen’s location will also be included in this data, which will then be transferred to the appropriate department.

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Engage on social networks

expectations of citizensBeing active on social networks is another new expectations of citizens on the city. Increasingly present in our lives, social networks are the ideal channel to bring the administration and citizens closer together. This makes it easy for citizens to send information to the city and facilitate continuous dialogue with the community. More and more cities have understood the need and urgency to elevate their presence on social media to inform and communicate with their citizens.


Optimize phone call support

expectations of citizensHow cities handle phone calls is very important. The installation of a reception interface module is THE solution to facilitate this process. First, the citizen is identified through the contact database or through free input. The agent then transcribes the request through a simple “notepad” area. It is also possible to characterize the query according to a list of questions. Then, the subject of the request and its importance are qualified. The record is finally saved in the Elise ECM software and can be transmitted to the appropriate department for processing.

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Implement effective mail management

expectations of citizensBecause citizens do not only send their requests by telephone, the management of e-mails, and mail in general, is essential for cities.

A mail management solution, like Elise ECM, will allow all mail to be centralized in the same place, whether it is emails or paper mail. Then,  processes will be assigned to handle tasks more quickly. Sending responses is also facilitated and accelerated through pre-established document templates and electronic signature.

But a city does not just receive mail from its citizens. It has relationships with multiple partners, vendors and contractors. Unlike other solutions, Elise ECM allows you to place an electronic signature on a single document or a batch of documents at one time, to expedite your document processing and city management.


Reaching Smart City status is an objective of many cities today. From e-administration to eco-responsible cities, the road to becoming an intelligent city can seem full of pitfalls. Change management must also be considered in an administration. NeoLedge accompanies you in this change with user training and a turnkey solution to successfully transform your city.

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Download our infography : Is your city really at the service of your citizens ? Read a real-world example of how the City of Paris became a Smart City with Elise Electronic Mail Management.

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