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Superior Performance, Scalability and Monitoring

The DocFactory document digitization solution enables digital transformation for businesses of all sizes with exceptional security, flexibility and performance.

Customizable Document Processing Chains

With DocFactory, you can define multiple processing chains (scanning and conversion) executed in parallel. This enables you to serve documents to all your business applications and account for all use cases from a centralized and consolidated infrastructure.


  • Set parameters of processing chains: input steps, multiple processing steps, output steps 
  • Manage quotas and compliance rules 
  • Prioritize execution flows 
  • Configuration management: import, export, duplication, desactivation


  • You centralize management of all your organization’s documentary needs: scanning incoming mail, conversion of Office documents, electronic signature and dispatch, power supply for your ECM system, and more 
  • You improve control of compliance and audits 
  • You establish efficient processes from document capture to processing and output

Software with High Performance and Availability

To meet the growing challenges of digitization, DocFactory is natively designed for the highest performance. Your document digitization platform offers several scaling strategies to adapt to increased volume, new document processes, and more. 

DocFactory, logiciel de dématérialisation by NeoLedge hautement performant et hautement disponible


  • Designed on Microsoft Windows Server platform and database system (Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle) to deliver a highly available service 
  • Massively parallel architecture to leverage the computing power of the underlying infrastructure (multiple CPU cores) 
  • Multiple DocFactory servers can be deployed in load balancing to increase processing capacity and/or to provide high availability 
  • Linear scaling capability directly proportional to CPU core power


  • You deliver a solution with the highest performance and availability standards 
  • You improve employee productivity across departments and locations 
  • You gain a powerful solution that is scalable enough to adapt to your current and future business requirements 
  • You leverage a proven software platforms with superior flexibility and reliability

Integrated Monitoring Tools

The DocFactory document digitization platform is provided with a set of monitoring tools to ensure you can supervise the status of your processes, performance and platform 24/7/365.


  • Web interface for monitoring status of the system and document processing 
  • Web Services for supervision 
  • Windows Performance Counters 
  • Alerts by processing chain 
  • Email notifications for status alerts, errors and return to normal 
  • SQL database with details of processing history 
  • Archiving of processed documents


  • You enjoy supervision tools and detailed activity indicators to ensure continuous, optimized services 
  • You can monitor DocFactory performance and processing history in real time 
  • You establish proactive governance of your information management 
  • You gain peace of mind you will receive instant notifications of any potential issues


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Superior Performance, Scalability and Monitoring

How do you achieve digital transformation in less time?

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