NeoLedge & Silver Lining Solutions: a Midwest Match

Press Release – New York City, November 19th, 2019

NeoLedge has partnered with Silver Lining Solutions, forming a collaborative effort to share cutting-edge smart city technologies with the Midwest.

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Integrated Solutions for Every Need

NeoLedge offers management solutions to companies worldwide. Their multi-channel digitization, and efficient management style encourages growth and cooperation from all departments. Through the implementation of cutting-edge content management systems, NeoLedge aids businesses in operating more efficiently and cost effectively. The innovative tools NeoLedge has designed are industry leading: growing in ease of use and functionality around the world.

Silver Lining Solutions’, goals streamline government processes, increase overall development, and civic cohesion are what excites NeoLedge to join forces. Practices of partnering with State and Local Governments allows SLS to thrive in its industry’s high-paced environment.

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