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Business Process Automation: Necessary for Improving Your Bottom Line

Did you know that business process automation, or BPA for short, is a growing executive strategy that enables organizations to utilize both their personnel and systems in a far more efficient and cost effective manner? In essence, it takes standard data management to the next level using technologically advanced software that fully integrates all your current applications into one […]

Is Your City Really at the Service of Your Citizens?

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Citizens feel more and more concerned about the management of their city and wish to take part in it. To meet this expectation, multiple solutions are available for cities to become more participatory. That’s why NeoLedge has developed a turnkey offer for Smart Cities and to meet the expectations of citizens!

3 Compelling Reasons for Case Management

3 Compelling Reasons for Case Management | NeoLedge

Case management is used by employees to manage files within a company. The advantages are plentiful, but we’ve highlighted three top reasons your business needs case management—a structure adaptable to all trades, an overall vision for better management and, finally, a single multi-channel platform. It’s not just a technical concept or solution. Case management is […]

What is the definition of Smart City ?


It’s the future project for the cities! Smart City is transforming municipal organization by defining new goals. But above all, it is important to understand this concept…

3 Steps to Easy Business Mail Management

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Your mail, all of it, is an important part of your business and should be part your overall document strategy and solution. ECM is the answer you’re looking for.

How is the ECM market doing?

marché GED

2017 evolutions: situational state Whether we’re talking about ECM or Content Services, the market of document processes’ management displays a pretty good growth in France. It is mostly sustained by a positive economical and legal context but also by the rise of digital. The notion of GED (ECM in French) tends to progressively disappear to […]

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