4 Benefits of Deploying Cloud-Based Enterprise Content Management Solution

Businesses generate volumes of content and data each and every day. These documents and the information in them is critical for decision-making and nurturing continued growth. From accounting to sales, purchasing to production, your people are creating, sharing and using a lot of content. Real-time access to documents and data is necessary, yet difficult to control or provide without the right technology.

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Data is driving your business and critical information is found within the documents being generated by your employees each and every day. Proposals, contracts, marketing materials and customer communications pass in and out of your employees’ hands at a high volume and frequency. Managing and controlling content and data is essential for successful branding, protecting your business reputation, accountability and transparency, as well as making data-driven decisions. Even the most detailed document management policies pale in comparison to a more efficient, productive ECM solution.

Here are four benefits you’ll get by deploying cloud-based enterprise content management (ECM) to gain control over content and data.

Agility and Scalability

A Cloud-Based Enterprise Content Management Solution is scalable

A cloud-based ECM solution offers a competitive advantage. You get the most current ECM platform, without the time or cost investment. The ECM system is updated behind-the-scenes with little to no business interruption.

The cloud also offers scalability with the number of users or features depending on growth, document volume or other needs. Initial deployment and implementation of changes are turnkey and quick.


Security and Traceability

A Cloud-Based Enterprise Content Management Solution is secure and traceable

Solutions like Elise and DocFactory provide stronger security and traceability for your content. Encryption, continual back-up, and geo-redundancy are just a few of the added security features we provide to our clients.

We also provide cybersecurity monitoring and corrections, as well as other innovative technologies that most businesses don’t have the time or resources to deploy in house.

The ability to track all activity for each piece of content—version control, downloads, who shared what—is vital to ensuring your data and your business is protected at all times.

Collaboration and Consistency

A Cloud-Based Enterprise Content Management Solution facilitates collaboration

As your business grows, content and data becomes even more important to success. Consistent branding and marketing messaging, contractual or service information, and communications with customers weighs heavy on your bottom line.

It’s important for your people, no matter where they are located, to have and use the right information as they represent your business.

Cloud ECM makes it easier to control inbound and outbound documents and share information efficiently across your organization.


Mobility and Availability

Mobile content with a Cloud-Based Enterprise Content Management Solution

Deploying a cloud-based ECM solution from NeoLedge not only enables easier deployment of Elise mobile applications for tablets and smartphones, it gives your employees 24×7 access to the content they need from any location or device. Your ECM solution is always available in the cloud, which is not possible with an on-premise solution.

Take advantage of the cloud to collect and consolidate business-critical content. Complete digitization and automation will streamline data management, improve productivity and contribute to your bottom line.


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