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Elise isn’t just a name. It’s a game changer.

From small and medium-sized enterprises to multinational organizations, Elise is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution that helps you drive better decisions. Giving you the tools you need to turn information into insight, Elise collects and consolidates all of your content and data—so at the end of the day, you’re ready to tackle the next.


Centralize Information

Elise’s multi-channel digitization improves efficiency and accountability with centralized capture and management of documents from division-specific applications. Eliminating silos of information, Elise connects content from across the organization—from Sales and Marketing to Production and HR—so teams can work as one cohesive company.

Dynamic Folder & Case Management

While Elise gives you real-time access to your reference materials, Smartlink automatically creates links between related documents so you can connect content from across the organization—without any human intervention. Elise enables to create intelligent and personalized classifications for your documents that align with the way you need to work. Moreover, Elise’s efficient Case Management gives a global overview on each file and its related documents.

With dynamic document navigation, you can accelerate productivity and processing like never before. From org charts to company dictionaries, Elise ensures that your document base always stays consistent, efficient and reliable over time.

Organize & Optimize Digital Assets

Simplifying workflows and processes has never been so easy. Ridding your company of manual processes and repetitive tasks, Elise’s SmartAgent creates an automatic workflow that organizes incoming documents regardless of origin or format. Once digitized—they are automatically signed, timestamped and secured.

Control & Secure Information

Enforce security policies and grant permissions based on your organizational chart. With secure, centralized access to documents, email and data—access rights can also be managed depending on content. Giving you superior piece of mind—Elise enables you to safely automate, track and optimize the flow and transmission of digital assets inside and outside of the organization.

Real-Time Document Management

From custom dashboards to monitor and identify activity, to notifications and reminders to keep you on task, Elise helps you streamline your day from documents to deadlines. You’ll also appreciate Elise’s ability to adapt to an evolving staff structure and internal moves, helping you easily switch employee files to a new location temporarily or permanently.


Elise enables everything and demands nothing. It gives every user the ability to customize and work with it in a way that meets their needs.

Jean-Guy Meschi
CAVIMAC Assistant Director


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