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Case Management

Case management et gestion des cas complexes avec la solution ECM et GED Elise by NeoLedge

Many businesses, such as insurance companies and banks, must manage complex cases comprised of multiple files and documents. While a Business Process Management (BPM) solution can automate predictive tasks, an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution takes it a step further by allowing case-by-case exceptions for human intervention (that can’t be automated) as part of a predefined workflow.

Loan management, claims management, accounts, memberships, applications, registrations, subscriptions—how can you manage intersecting requests requiring different services or actions? How can you get a global view of all the parts and processes that make up the life cycle of a case?

With the NeoLedge Case Management Software Solution Elise, you can rely on a single, integrated document and information management platform to facilitate collaboration between teams. Break down information silos and get a 360° view of your files to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.


Transformation numérique des processus métiers et case management avec la solution ECM et GED Elise by NeoLedge


The Elise Case Management software by NeoLedge goes even further than BPM solutions alone by automating and facilitating business processes in a way that enables teams to work together, take action and make decisions on complex cases. You can incorporate external elements into internal processes, such as requests for unique tasks or validation, many standard BPM systems can’t handle.

Visibilité à 360° des dossiers et affaires via le case management avec la solution ECM et GED Elise by NeoLedge


Complicated cases must consider the entire file, its context, and the people involved in the validation or approval process. With the Elise Case Management solution by NeoLedge, you benefit from an overview of all the documents and people that make up your files. You can easily edit a workflow or schedule tasks across departments. This breaks down information silos and makes decisions much faster and easier.

Intégration au système d’information de la solution de case management Elise by NeoLedge


With NeoLedge ECM Case Management, you’ll no longer have to navigate between separate document management and BPM solutions. Instead, you’ll have an integrated “case management” solution, incorporating all the functionality you need with flexible configuration that can adapt to the way you manage cases and run your business. You can manage all your incoming and outgoing documents, mail and email within a single platform and can easily connect data and documents from other business applications, such as your ERP and accounting systems.

Une vraie démarche qualité et une fiabilité des opérations grâce au case management avec Elise by NeoLedge


With a case management solution like Elise, you’ll be able to follow the entire life cycle of files, documents and activities to make better business decisions and provide faster, higher quality customer services. In addition, you benefit from true traceability across your operations which improves your credibility and reputation.

Take advantages of case management


  • Single source for information across applications and cases
  • Dynamic and flexible workflows to automate repetitive tasks
  • Easier team collaboration, regardless of geographic location
  • Notification and recall systems
  • Faster responses and follow-up
  • 24×7 access on any device with Elise Cloud


service informatique
  • Single, integrated DMS/CMS solution
  • No time-consuming maintenance and updates required by IT
  • Available in the cloud


direction élus
  • 360° view of cases, services and employee activities
  • Increased performance and productivity
  • Detailed reporting with reliable audit trail for compliance with regulations such as GDPR
  • Powerful, customizable dashboards and analytics
  • Fast ROI with one solution for all services
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