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Invoice Management

Large or small, every organization wants to get paid faster from customers and, in turn, accelerate the ability to pay suppliers. However, most businesses are confronted with an overabundance of documents to manage throughout the purchase to payment cycle. Disorganized or disconnected invoice management leads to serious delays that impact your bottom line.

How can you optimize invoice processing in your organization, from creation to final payment? How can you track the entire payables cycle to be sure payments no longer fall through the cracks?

With invoice management software Elise ECM by NeoLedge, you get an integrated solution across your ECM, ERP, accounting system and other business applications. This means you can manage invoice workflows and documentation in one centralized space, improving your ability to pay on time, get paid on time and improve the relationship with your customers and suppliers.


Capture multicanale pour une dématérialisation des factures efficace avec la solution ECM et GED Elise by NeoLedge


Our invoice management solution Elise ensures all your invoices are centralized—regardless of their original format or source. You can digitize and integrate paper invoices into PDF format and identify them as soon as they are in your ECM solution. In addition, employees save time by sending invoices and email attachments directly within the Elise Microsoft Outlook module.

Intégration aux applications métiers pour une gestion des processus métiers efficace avec la solution de BPM Elise by NeoLedge


NeoLedge invoice management offers complete and transparent integration with your ERP system, accounting system and other business applications. You can connect customer and supplier databases, or send the necessary information to ERP to trigger payment. Increase security with a paperless invoice management solution that lets you define confidentiality levels according to the documents.

Automatisation des traitements pour une dématérialisation des factures efficace avec la solution ECM et GED Elise by NeoLedge


Automate the reading and recording of invoices in a single platform with Automatic Document Recognition and Automatic Document Reading. Automatic invoice routing is also available according to your criteria, such as customer, nature or amount. With NeoLedge’s SmartLink technology, you can create links between your documents (invoices and related documents: contracts, purchase orders, etc.). In addition, your documents can also be classified by supplier, giving you a complete view of the supplier file.

Gestion des pièces justificatives pour une meilleure gestion des dossiers clients fournisseurs avec la solution de case management Elise by NeoLedge


NeoLedge ECM Elise provides an advanced case management solution that makes it possible to manage anomalies and exceptions, such as invoices without purchase orders or invoices requiring human validation and whose reconciliation cannot be automated.

Advantages of invoice management


direction élus
  • Powerful business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools
  • Make faster and more informed decisions
  • Optimize cash management
  • Day-to-day performance monitoring
  • Reduce risk of non-payment and litigation
  • Guarantee deadlines are met


  • Accelerate invoice processing and validation
  • Centralize customer and supplier files
  • Reliable audit trail
  • Track and meet payment deadlines
  • Simplify and automate invoice management
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