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DocFactory is your one-stop multichannel solution for complete digitization across the enterprise. Automate the capture and conversion of all your content with additional benefits such as Electronic Server Signature and easy PDF export. Trade inefficient manual processes and stacks of paper for streamlined, integrated content management.


Simple, Comprehensive Scanning

DocFactory’s universal digitization server provides a seamless connection from all of your scanning devices into one central platform, regardless of location. Easy to use, you can automatically identify or separate documents in batches, structure multiple-level scanning folders and easily route them to the right department in a matter of seconds. And thanks to Electronic Server Signature, you can electronically sign incoming, outgoing and internal documents in a matter of seconds.

Smooth Integration into Applications

A simple, open platform for processing information—DocFactory offers multiple connections and integrations for easy exploitation of extracted information. So whether you’re using Microsoft SharePoint, Alfresco or Elise—you’ll have everything you need to connect and convert processes to existing applications.

Intelligent Data Capture

Integrate and automate the content recognition and reading of your electronic documents with ease. With DocFactory you can supply your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system with structured or semi-structured documents like invoices, payment slips and proposals from existing business applications without having to implement costly, complex systems.

Automated Document Conversion & Export

Converting documents to PDF has never been so fast and easy. With DocFactory you can automate office document and server-side PDF conversion, then export files with the click of a mouse. Better yet—all PDF documents generated by DocFactory look just like their originals, but are optimized for improved retention and distribution.

Superior Performance and Scalability

Document transformation is a critical part of your business process. That’s why DocFactory delivers a high-performance, reliable platform to meet the challenges involved in digitization. Designed to evolve with your business, DocFactory offers several scaling strategies so your organization can gradually adapt to growing document traffic.


We know now that we can’t lose a mail and that is really important for a Minister

Jackie Chassaing
Project Owner for French Social Ministries


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