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Case Management

Many businesses, such as insurance companies and banks, must manage complex cases comprised of multiple files and documents. While a Business Process Management (BPM) solution can automate predictive tasks, an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution takes it a step further by allowing case-by-case exceptions for human intervention (that can’t be automated) as part of a predefined workflow.

Loan management, claims management, accounts, memberships, applications, registrations, subscriptions—how can you manage intersecting requests requiring different services or actions? How can you get a global view of all the parts and processes that make up the life cycle of a case?

With the NeoLedge Case Management Software Solution Elise, you can rely on a single, integrated document and information management platform to facilitate collaboration between teams. Break down information silos and get a 360° view of your files to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

Case management et gestion des cas complexes avec la solution ECM et GED Elise by NeoLedge

Data and Document Archiving

Data and document archiving is a highly regulated and circumscribed activity with regard to the recording, storage and retrieval of documents. With physical archiving, paper storage is very costly and cumbersome, not to mention all the risks involved. This is why electronic archiving is a much more practical, economical and secure solution. However, this new way of storing documents must also meet certain standards.

How do you guarantee the integrity of documents stored in digital format throughout their life cycle?

From scanning to archiving electronic documents, the NeoLedge ECM archiving solution Elise enhances data storage while ensuring data confidentiality by enforcing retention rules. Our archiving solution can interface with any external Electronic Records Management (ERM) system giving you an easy way to safely archive all your documents.

Archivage électronique avec la solution ECM et GED Elise by NeoLedge

Mail And Email Management

Satisfying your customers, citizens, partners and stakeholders is critical to the sustainable success of your business. But all too often important mail and email communications get lost, or take too long to respond to—hurting these valuable relationships. Optimizing your mail management has become a necessity.

Are employees spending too much time looking for information? Are lagging response times to letters and emails risking your reputation? Want to build a more environmentally friendly and sustainable brand?

Elise Electronic Content Management (ECM) by NeoLedge provides a centralized, optimized platform to manage all your paper mail and email—from the office or remotely.

Une gestion du courrier efficace avec la solution ECM et GED Elise by NeoLedge

Citizen Relationship Management (CRM)

Emails, paper letters, social networks or telephone calls—today, there are many ways to communicate with your city. And in the era of instant gratification, citizens’ expectations for quality experiences and fast response times are higher than ever. It can be difficult for cities to manage complex citizen requests and meet demands.

How can your city improve communications with citizens, administration and users? How can you guarantee traceability of all exchanges, across multiple communication channels? How can you reduce response times and accuracy?

The NeoLedge Citizen Relationship Management (CRM) software solution Elise simplifies and enhances citizen engagement so you can be celebrated as a smart city—a connected city that cares.

Une gestion de la relation citoyen innovante avec Elise by NeoLedge

Customer and Supplier Relationship Management

Customer and supplier relationship management can be a challenge for all companies, whatever your size. To sustain successful relationships, you must optimize your purchase and sales cycles from quotation through delivery and support. However, this is complicated by the abundance of supporting documents and stakeholders in the process.

How can you standardize your company’s purchase/sales processes? How can you manage all customer and supplier files (orders, shipping, invoices, complaints) in the most efficient, organized and collaborative manner?

With NeoLedge Case Management Solution Elise, you enjoy a 360° view of all your customer and supplier files with the added advantage of completely streamlining sales processes from end to end.

Gestion des dossiers clients et fournisseurs avec l'ECM Elise by NeoLedge

Invoice Management

Large or small, every organization wants to get paid faster from customers and, in turn, accelerate the ability to pay suppliers. However, most businesses are confronted with an overabundance of documents to manage throughout the purchase to payment cycle. Disorganized or disconnected invoice management leads to serious delays that impact your bottom line.

How can you optimize invoice processing in your organization, from creation to final payment? How can you track the entire payables cycle to be sure payments no longer fall through the cracks?

With invoice management software Elise ECM by NeoLedge, you get an integrated solution across your ECM, ERP, accounting system and other business applications. This means you can manage invoice workflows and documentation in one centralized space, improving your ability to pay on time, get paid on time and improve the relationship with your customers and suppliers.

Cloud Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

In today’s fast-paced world, your employees need anytime, anywhere access to the right information at the right time. Companies must find cost-effective ways to improve team collaboration, optimize document processing and reduce operational costs. The cloud is enabling businesses of all sizes to save time and money, while providing new opportunities to compete faster and stronger than before.

Which agile, scalable and innovative solution can deliver the cloud benefits you’ve been looking for? Discover the Cloud Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution by NeoLedge Elise Cloud!

Elise Cloud is a subscription-based cloud enterprise content management solution packed with streamlined features, time-saving automations and 24×7 convenience from any mobile device. You can quickly deploy Elise Cloud ECM across your organization and start taking advantage of powerful content management at your fingertips.

Votre ECM dans le cloud | Elise Cloud, offre ECM SaaS by NeoLedge

Accounting Management


Accounting Solutions for All

NeoLedge assists organizations of all industries improve collaboration, effectiveness, and payment processes.  Digital processes, automation, and cash flow optimization make your accounting processes more effective. Promote teamwork, double efficiency, improve accountability & make faster & more informed decisions with NeoLedge’s Accounting Management modules.

Smart Automation

Automatically link similar documents for easy organization while streamlining your entire invoice process. Centralize automated workflows, secure documents, and overall processes with a solution that does the work for you.

Third Party Integration

Connect with external accounting programs like SAP for increased operational accuracy. Integrate your outlook email for ease of email dispatch. Incorporate GIS mapping and analytics, or customize your dashboard to include social media presence to keep up to date with an ever changing economic climate. 

Secure Artificial Intelligence

Manage anomalies & exceptions, validate data, & avoid duplicates with artificial intelligence that supports your work flow and helps you double efficiency.

Accounts Payable

Validate invoices for accuracy and use a self-learning intelligent indexing to match invoices with related purchase orders

Route invoices in a multi-step approval process, even supporting split code billing for multiple approvals

On-boarding for new vendors

Automatically post approved invoice amounts directly back to the ERP/accounting system

Dynamically handle exception-level approvals and reprocess rejected invoices

Accounts Receivable

Access delivery notes, performance reports or special agreements directly from your ERP or other accounting application

Automatically file outgoing invoices while printing or emailing

On-boarding for new clients

Combine invoicing with release workflows (example: approving discounts)

Immediately answer inquiries and forward copies immediately by email to enhance customer service

Highly Capable & Highly Compatible

Centralize workflows and documentation with an invoicing solution that automates processes and  saves you money. From ERP’s to accounting systems, we have you covered. Regardless of format or source, you can be sure to accelerate invoice processing and validation.

Instantly recognize and correct file complications and duplicates, through “check and correct” functions and notifications provided by your trusted solution.

Track and meet payment deadlines, reducing the risk of non-payment and litigation.

Centralize all related documents with a system that immediately recognizes identical suppliers and purchasers, keeping all your information in the same place.

Connect with various bill paying and invoice accounting systems like Quickbooks, SAP, and ERP programs.

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