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Citizen Relationship Management (CRM)

Une gestion de la relation citoyen innovante avec Elise by NeoLedge

Emails, paper letters, social networks or telephone calls—today, there are many ways to communicate with your city. And in the era of instant gratification, citizens’ expectations for quality experiences and fast response times are higher than ever. It can be difficult for cities to manage complex citizen requests and meet demands.

How can your city improve communications with citizens, administration and users? How can you guarantee traceability of all exchanges, across multiple communication channels? How can you reduce response times and accuracy?

The NeoLedge Citizen Relationship Management (CRM) software solution Elise simplifies and enhances citizen engagement so you can be celebrated as a smart city—a connected city that cares.


Permettre un contact facile pour une meilleure gestion de la relation citoyen avec Elise by NeoLedge


By implementing a citizen relationship management solution from NeoLedge, you are giving your citizens an easier way to express their needs or concerns, and providing a quick and precise response. They can contact city or government offices how, when and where it’s most convenient for them—an online citizen portal, mobile device, mail, email, telephone calls or in-person visits.

Centraliser les demandes pour une meilleure gestion de la relation citoyen avec Elise by NeoLedge


Our CRM solution Elise enables your city to capture multi-channel requests, mail and documents in a centralized repository organized by geographic location. City representatives can focus more time on the citizen and his or her request, not wasting time searching for information. You’ll reduce duplicate entry and errors while gaining robust geo-specific analytics and statistics.

Automatiser les processus pour optimiser la gestion de la relation citoyen avec Elise by NeoLedge


From Elise CRM, you can set up pre-defined processes according to the type of citizen request. You can also choose to change this process using dynamic workflows to process exceptions and quickly assign specific requests to the appropriate department. This drastically accelerates the services you provide your citizens.

Un catalogue de services et prestations de la ville pour optimiser la gestion de la relation citoyen avec Elise by NeoLedge


It’s easy to catalog all your citizen services in Elise CRM by NeoLedge and make them accessible to citizens through the Elise City mobile app. Each service can be connected to your internal processes at city hall or administrative offices. You can define how requests should be managed with different processing times, specific staff or officials, and more—then automate responses to citizens through the Elise mobile application or by email.


Take benefits from good citizen relationship management


  • Simplified, convenient ways to contact city administrators or officials across multiple channels
  • Citizens can submit requests 24/7 through the Elise City app
  • Faster, more accurate responses
  • Automate follow-ups so nothing falls through the cracks
  • Improved citizen experience


chef de service
  • Time savings with automated processes and workflows
  • Centralized management of citizen requests, communications and actions
  • Stronger internal controls and traceability:
    • Geolocation of requests
    • Statistics and BI
    • Dashboards
  • Mobile access from any device to make decisions and take action on the move


direction élus
  • 24×7 monitoring of city performance and activities
  • Easy access to visual dashboards and tools
  • Real-time information accessible from tablet or smartphone
  • Improved reputation and citizen satisfaction
  • Traceability of requests and exchanges
  • GDPR compliance
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