A new partnership for Canada: Millenium Micro Group & NeoLedge

Press Release – Montreal, March 20, 2019

NeoLedge has entered into a new partnership with Millenium Micro Group to expand its offerings in Canada.

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A single point of contact for all organizations and institutions IT needs

NeoLedge specializes in supporting companies and organizations through digital transformation with innovative tools to manage their content electronically, simplifying collaboration between teams and third parties. As a national group of independent IT specialists, Millenium Micro Group has started offering service opportunities for its affiliated resellers for the past two years.

In search of an electronic document management solution to add to their offerings, the Millenium Micro Group team chose to work with NeoLedge to help clients optimize their resources and successfully transition to a paperless office providing Elise ECM solution.

With 260 resellers across Canada, Millenium Micro Group also offers end users a single point of contact for all their IT needs, a more personalized experience and faster communication with local experts.

Read the Press Release
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