3 Compelling Reasons for Case Management

Case management is used by employees to manage files within a company. The advantages are plentiful, but we’ve highlighted three top reasons your business needs case management—a structure adaptable to all trades, an overall vision for better management and, finally, a single multi-channel platform. It’s not just a technical concept or solution. Case management is a process that enables employee to streamline tasks and ensure files are handled properly and efficiently.

1) A flexible structure

Reasons for Case Management | NeoLedge

Case management is not a fixed structure; it adapts to all professions due to its flexibility. You can quickly direct the file to the most qualified person.

The steps to be followed are defined by the employees according to their needs. This leads to better management of communications between them.

Moreover, its cross-functional nature makes it possible to know what has been done on the file and by whom, even if the employees do not work in the same department or location. The link is made between all the people who have a role in the file.

The advantage of a case management solution like Elise ECM is, among other things, its interoperability with your business applications. Business processes are processed end-to-end, as documents and information are retrieved from business applications. As a result, there is no break in the internal validation process. All actors and files are taken into account.

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2) A global vision

Reasons for Case Management | NeoLedgeCase management is centered on having a global view of files, whether for processing, task management or the addition of missing documents. The elements are centralized within a single electronic file, which makes it possible to keep a trace of all the actions carried out. This prevents file loss and misallocations.

Banking and insurance companies are good examples for case management. They use a lot of paper for records management—whether it is for the declaration of a claim, the opening of an account, a financing request or the creation of a member file. It should be noted that the risk of losing important documents during the process is often very high. This will impact the customer and confidentiality clauses will no longer be respected.

As the customer file is digitized in case management solutions and integrated into the software, these risks are drastically reduced. For example, with Elise ECM, the links between documents are automatically made through the Smart Link.

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3) A multi-channel platform

Reasons for Case Management | NeoLedgeWhatever channel used to receive or send documents, or document type (photo, mail, email, etc.), your content is integrated in a single platform. The same applies to data from business applications. This application data, validated in advance by employees, is integrated identically into the platform without modification. Data is considered reliable and is not questioned. Collaboration is easier because task requests or validations are grouped in a centralized space.

In summary, despite its low profile, the advantages of case management are numerous. It is a valuable solution that meets the needs of businesses today.

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