3 Steps to Easy Business Mail Management

Have you ever stopped to think about the amount of mail and email your business generates, receives, scans, processes, sends, tracks, searches for and stores every day? It’s paper and electronic. It’s coming in, circulating around the office and going out. Every. Single. Minute. So how do you get control of your business mail management for good?

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Business Mail Management vs. Document Management

You might have no document management process in place at all right now. Or, maybe you have an electronic document management application or process to basically scan and store your documents. The problem is there are far more communications channels today and just sticking a scanned mail into a file folder isn’t really a solution. What about non-paper mail? How do you secure it? How do you search it, share it and classify it?

The main challenge for business mail management is consolidating and managing communications and documents across multiple channels—from paper to email to web forms and phone calls. In fact, managing mail alone can be a full-time job.

Instead of adding another salary, why not invest in technology that can manage it all for you at a fraction of the cost? An Electronic Content Management (ECM) solution goes beyond the digitization of paper documents and enables your business to capture, certify, classify and control the entire lifecycle of every communication—incoming, internal, outgoing—across all employees and channels.

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ECM Step 1: Simplified capture of all incoming mail flows

  • 3 Steps to Easy Business Mail ManagementDigitize and centralize all paper mail to eliminate lost or misfiled mail. How much time do you waste over a year tracking down files?
  • Mail is automatically digitized with OCR and classified with metadata for improved security, searching and certification that documents are true to the original
  • Integrate multi-channel documents whatever format it originated in

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ECM Step 2: Fast, secure circulation of mail

  • Search in original documents using metadata so information is fast and easy to find and share around the office
  • Secure document access based on document type or organization chart
  • Trace mail circulation across the organization so you know who has which document, who has tasks assigned to the document, who needs a reminder and more

ECM Step 3: Outgoing mail controls

  • Output management is the last step of the process and now included with some ECM solutions
  • Electronic signing to prevent disruption and delays of approvals and signatures
  • Basic document templates with corporate branding to provide prompt answers by print or email

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Key benefits of an integrated ECM solution for business mail management

  1. Boring, time-consuming and error-prone manual processes are automated
  2. Mail and email are managed in a centralized solution and location
  3. Answers are much faster and easier to get and provide
  4. Silos of information are eliminated
  5. No multiple software solutions to learn, manage and maintain
  6. More efficient collaboration and communication between employees, customers and vendors means faster response times and satisfaction

Your mail, all of it, is an important part of your business and should be part your overall document strategy and solution. It’s more important than ever in this digital era and an integrated ECM solution could be the answer you’re looking for. Contact NeoLedge with any questions.

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3 Steps to Easy Business Mail Management | Case Study City of Paris
The City of Paris wanted to implement a management solution common to all its sites (city halls, ministries…) to better manage information flows and thereby provide a better and faster answer to its citizens.
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