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How is the ECM market doing?

marché GED

2017 evolutions: situational state Whether we’re talking about ECM or Content Services, the market of document processes’ management displays a pretty good growth in France. It is mostly sustained by a positive economical and legal context but also by the rise of digital. The notion of GED (ECM in French) tends to progressively disappear to […]

Start Your Digital Transformation With DocFactory ECM Solution

transition numérique

Start Your Digital Transformation With DocFactory ECM Solution Like many businesses, you generate more than your fair share of content. From proposals and contracts, to product specifications and customer communications, valuable data—in both paper and digital form— is spread across your organization. Maintaining the volume of paper and digital documents your business generates each day […]

6 Reasons Companies Need Electronic Content Management (ECM) Now

6 bonnes raisons de mettre en place une solution de Gestion Électronique de Documents (GED)

Doing business today is about being digitally connected—from people to devices to content and communications. Your information is a valuable asset, and as paper takes a back seat to digitization, you might be wondering if an Electronic Content Management (ECM) solution is worth the investment. Can it really deliver the returns you’re looking for? When […]



Archimed announces in 2017 the birth of a new brand: NeoLedge. Got some questions about it? Here are the answers to your most frequently asked questions.

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