Throughout the customer experience, volumes of data and documents are generated through business applications and amongst your employees. Valuable information is easily lost, creating problems and frustration for both your employees and your clients. To create a frictionless customer experience, consider putting a comprehensive electronic content management (ECM) solution in place.

Remove Friction From Customer Experience With ECM

In order to be responsive to client needs, you must be able to quickly access the most current proposal in order to create a contract or put your hands on historical client orders or specifications. If you can’t move fast enough, clients will turn to competitors. An ECM solution like Elise enables you to capture and share data more efficiently, connecting important information to your employees so they can serve your customers more efficiently and accurately.

How ECM Improves Customer Service

An ECM solution offers a streamlined approach to managing incoming and outgoing documents and communications. You can capture and monitor data coming from clients and suppliers, automatically route information according to its purpose, and maintain greater control over content generated during the course of business, such as:

  • Documents employees create, such as proposals and contracts, or those generated from other business applications, like invoices, are automatically processed and centralized.
  • Incoming email and web form data is captured, signed, stamped and routed to the right department or person for quick action.
  • Documents that come in by postal mail, such as signed contracts, can be scanned from any location, automatically added to the client file, keeping the original format.
  • Key information is extracted from all incoming and outgoing documents, which seamlessly appends to the client record.

Another valuable feature is the document template bank built into Elise. Employees can create new documents with consistency, ensuring each new document reflects your corporate image and contains the necessary information for the document. Not only do employees save time when creating new documents, each new document is automatically protected and archived after processing so it can’t be deleted. Privileges can also be established to protect confidentiality.

Stronger document and data control will reduce common delays and mistakes when interacting with clients, while increasing the productivity of your team. Clients will appreciate the responsiveness and employees will have more time to strengthen these important business relationships. Contact NeoLedge for more information about improving the customer experience with Elise.


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