The Central Bank of Madagascar chose Elise ECM solution

The Central Bank of Madagascar has chosen NeoLedge and its ECM Solution Elise to manage all their circulating mails.

Why the CBM has chosen our ECM Solution Elise?

Our customer’s issue

The CBM wanted to reorganize its mails management to improve efficiency and rapidity of its business processes.

Main improvement targets were:

  • Document research in paper archives which was time-consuming
  • Delays in delivering mails to the right services and to the right recipients
  • Time management and fast processing of files in order to gain customers satisThe Central Bank of Madagascar chose Elise ECM solution | NeoLedgefaction

Why choosing NeoLedge and its ECM Solution Elise?

What helped the CBM to choose NeoLedge? First, NeoLedge represents a major reference in the banking sector. NeoLedge has already worked a lot with the banking field (Central Bank of Tunisia, Banque de France…) which gives us a strong experience and knowledge and enables us to deal with the CBM’s issues.

An ECM Solution for the Central Bank of Madagascar

The ECM implemented by NeoLedge

The CBM has made the decision to choose an electronic mail management solution including a purchasing process. The solution Elise will equip the headquarters of the BCM as well as a regional agency, which represents for the moment 50 users.

  • Electronic mail management will enable the CBM to manage electronically all incoming, outgoing (with response templates) or internal mails and thus to ensure better traceability and deliverability of these mails.
  • Previously, purchase orders were processed in paper format. The purchase process will be used to digitize purchase orders from purchase to invoicing through DocFactory.
  • The archiving system will enable CBM agents to find a particular document faster thanks to multi-criteria research and classification plans.
  • The electronic signature module will allow agents to electronically sign documents coming from the Elise ECM on behalf of the CBM.

The CBM’s goals

The Elise solution will considerably improve the processes and way of working of the institution. The various modules implemented will enable to significantly gain in time for the review and processing of files.

The 10,000 monthly documents such as quotes, purchase orders, delivery minutes or invoices will now circulate more smoothly and efficiently within the banking organization.

With the ECM Elise implementation, the bank wishes to benefit from: The Central Bank of Madagascar chose Elise ECM solution | NeoLedge

  • A faster transmission thanks to the digitization of all circulating mails
  • A greater traceability: to follow the processing of each document in real time,
  • A better confidentiality: thanks to data securitization and access rights management
  • A faster research: thanks to classification plans and multi-criteria research
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